Naya-lea's Presence

Posted in Daily Deck on January 29, 2014

Brad Nelson took a Naya Midrange deck to a 1st-place finish at the end of October, but that deck essentially disappeared after that. He insisted it was a metagame deck that he'd bring back once the time was right. Perhaps JonteB feels the time is right?

Nylea's Presence

JonteB's deck is a little different than Brad's, as it has mana acceleration that doesn't play well with Anger of the Gods. Instead of sweeping the board, JonteB is trying to power out big threats—Polukranos, Stormbreath Dragon, andElspeth—quicker than normal.

At first glance, this decklist might not run shocklandsbecause they're hard to get, but I'm not sure that's the case. You'd mostly want shocklands like Sacred Foundry to give you more lands to enchant with Chained to the Rocks, but Nylea's Presence fixes that problem quite nicely. The deck could use a couple more Mountains, but the advantage of having a three-color mana base that isn't incredibly painful seems huge.

With the dominance of Mono-Black and Mono-Blue Devotion, is it time for a new Naya deck to shine?

JonteB's Naya Midrange

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