PAX Prime Spellslinging Allies

Posted in Daily Deck on September 9, 2015

By Melissa DeTora

Melissa is a former Magic pro player and strategy writer who is now working in R&D on the Play Design team.

This week on Daily Decks, I'm showcasing the decks that were used during our Zendikari vs. Eldrazi Spellslinging event during PAX Prime 2015. Today's focus is the Allies deck, a three-color deck that uses the synergy of Zendikar's Allies. The more Allies you control, the more powerful they become. They work together as a team to overwhelm the dreaded Eldrazi.

The Ally deck was our advanced deck for Spellslinging. We recommended this deck to players who had a lot of experience playing Magic. I wouldn't say that this deck is very complex, but it does have some components that newer players may not have seen. Three-color decks are trickier to play than one- or two-color decks. You have to know how to sequence your land drops, remember your triggers, and also know when you should mulligan. Additionally, this deck has more intricate mechanics, such as protection.

The Ally deck is very powerful once it gets going. The creatures start out small but get bigger and bigger the more creatures you play. Eventually your creatures will be too big to stop, and you can win by giving your team protection with Kabira Evangel or flying with Seascape Aerialist. If you don't draw those, you still have lots of options. Sea Gate Loremaster allows you to refill your hand every turn and helps you draw into your Overrun or Windborne Charge.

The Ally deck is very meaningful to me, because I remember winning lots of drafts with the Ally strategy in Zendikar Limited. Early white creatures such as Hada Freeblade and Kazandu Blademaster were high picks for me, and Ondu Cleric gained me so much life that the game would be put out of reach for my opponent very quickly. Umara Raptor was my main finisher. It starts out as a Wind Drake, but keeps growing whenever you play an Ally. This deck is the definition of working together as a team, and I'm glad that the Ally mechanic is coming back in Battle for Zendikar.

PAX Prime Allies

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