The Perfect Curve

Posted in Daily Deck on February 18, 2014

The Super Sunday Series Finals showcased Born of the Gods, and once the Standard rounds started, all eyes were on two people—Makihito Mihara and Aaron Lewis. I'm looking at Mihara's deck today, but Aaron's will show up later this week.

Ephara, God of the PolisMihara, Hall of Fame hopeful and former world champion, has been doing incredible work as of late. He made Top 4 of Pro Tour Dragon's Maze with Esper Control then followed it up by making Top 8 at Pro Tour Theros with RG Devotion. He demonstrated his range even further at the Super Sunday Series by playing a difficult-to-categorize Esper deck.

His deck, similar to the deck that won Grand Prix Shizuoka, is a white-based deck with some aggressive elements like Soldier of the Pantheon, Precinct Captain, and Imposing Sovereign. However, Mihara's deck also features the Obzedat, Ghost Council/Whip of Erebos combo, plus Ephara and Heliod for even more late-game power.

Is it an aggro Human deck? Is it an aggro-control deck? I'm guessing neither or both, depending on your draw. When you curve out from Soldier of the Pantheon into Obzedat, Ghost Council, it won't matter what you classify your deck as—you're going to win.

Makihito Mihara's Esper Midrange

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