Perplexing Chimera

Posted in Daily Deck on January 27, 2014

By Bonnie Bruenderman

I have a soft spot for deadly mythological creatures. Dragons, Gorgons, Gargoyles, Manticores, and... Chimeras! Whenever I play a game where I can have a Chimera as a companion I ironically name it "Bellerophon," because, well, Bellerophon killed the Chimera in Greek mythology.

The question is: What is a chimera? According to Homer's Iliad, the chimera was an immortal creature that could breathe fire, with a lion on the front, a snake in the back, and a goat in the middle. Theros's Chimeras are a bit more... diverse:

What do these critters have in common? They all have four legs? Wings? A conglomeration of mismatched parts? This whole thing is just so perplexing! Maybe that's why the Born of the Gods contribution to the Chimera subtype is....

Well that's certainly different! Let's see the art description:

Color: Blue creature
Location: An island temple
Action: Show us a wingless chimera guarding the temple. The unique thing about this chimera is that it is symmetrical and has heads and forelimbs at both ends of its body connected by a shared midsection.
Focus: The chimera.
Mood: Fierce, dangerous, magical, and just as apt to attack one direction as the other.

Hold on there—it has a head at both ends? That is indeed perplexing! It's hard to see on the card, though, so let's take a closer look:

Perplexing Chimera | Art by Tyler Jacobson

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