Pro Tour Born of the Gods Qualifier Season: Top 8 Decklists

Posted in Daily Deck on August 29, 2013

The Pro Tour Qualifier season for Pro Tour Born of the Gods is under way. This is your chance to test your Sealed Deck and Booster Draft skills, because invitations and tickets to Pro Tour Born of the Gods go to PTQ winners!

Look through the events below for Top 8 Booster Draft decklists. You can test each decklist thanks to our Sample Hand Generator. Just click on the card fan in the upper right of each decklist and you can see what your opening hand could be, along with mulligans and the first three cards you'd draw.

Decklists will be updated weekly during the PTQ season. The new season runs August 17, 2013 - December 1, 2013. For more information about the PTQ season, click here. You can also qualify on Magic Online!

Find an Qualifier Near You!

August 25: Magic Online Event #5866279

August 25: Indianapolis, Indiana: Jon Sharp (Attendance: 108)

August 31: Magic Online Event #5900232
September 1: Magic Online Event #5900233

September 8: Magic Online Event #5936567

September 14: Denver, Colorado: Jon Sharp (Attendance: 108)
September 14: New York, New York: Brandon Gade (Attendance: 223)

September 28: Magic Online Event #6022228

October 5: Ames, Iowa: Stephen Neal (Attendance: 228)
October 5: Berkeley, California: Michael Hetrick (Attendance: 217)
October 5: Las Vegas, Nevada: Timothy Rivera (Attendance: 106)
October 5: Louisville, Kentucky: Aaron Cooney (Attendance: 100)
October 5: Roswell, Georgia: Marsh Usary (Attendance: 145)
October 5: Seattle, Washington: Jesse Hampton (Attendance: 280)
October 6: Montréal, Quebec: Kevin Anctil (Attendance: 130)
October 6: Roanoke, Virginia: Joe Rittner (Attendance: 108)
October 6: San Diego, California: Vidianto Wijaya (Attendance: 170)

October 13: Magic Online Event #6073099

October 19: Cupertino, California: Sam Sherman (Attendance: 199)
October 19: Kelowna, British Columbia: Wilsin Mok (Attendance: 107)
October 19: Winnipeg, Manitoba: Donny Jones (Attendance: 81)

October 20: Magic Online Event #6118011

October 26: Magic Online Event #6162674

October 26: Coon Rapids, Minnesota: Jasper Johnson-Epstein (Attendance: 205)
October 26: Edmonton, Alberta: Jeremy Kevis (Attendance: 237)
October 26: Glendale, Arizona: Dustin Ochoa (Attendance: 109)
October 26: Honolulu, Hawaii: Richard Osowski (Attendance: 167)
October 26: Nepean, Ontario: Kale Thompson (Attendance: 128)
October 26: Springfield, Missouri: Kyle Dembinski (Attendance: 93)
October 27: Rochester New York: Max Brown (Attendance: 139)

October 28: Magic Online Event #6162673

November 2: Fort Worth, Texas: Alex Andrup (Attendance: 114)
November 2: Memphis, Tennessee: Conner Russell (Attendance: 79)
November 2: Missoula, Montana: Jared Wright (Attendance: 58)
November 2: St Johns, Newfoundland: Patrick Goodyear (Attendance: 107)

November 4: Magic Online Event #6210661

November 9: Durham, North Carolina: Richard Osowski (Attendance: 167)
November 9: Jurupa Valley, California: Phil Cape (Attendance: 144)
November 9: Lenexa, Kansas: Ethan Tegethoff (Attendance: 164)
November 9: Lindenhurst, Illinois: Bob Havlovic (Attendance: 216)
November 9: Ste-Foy, Quebec: Patrick Pichette (Attendance: 142)
November 9: Toronto, Ontario: Steven Wolfman (Attendance: 369)
November 10: Omaha, Nebraska: John Rolf (Attendance: 103)
November 10: Providence, Rhode Island: Alex Brown (Attendance: 182)
November 10: Spokane, Washington: Tom Beare (Attendance: 107)

November 16: Conway, Arkansas: Stephen Berrios (Attendance: 171)
November 16: Fond du Lac, Wisconsin: Stephen Berrios (Attendance: 171)
November 16: Littleton, Colorado: Michael Servis (Attendance: 205)
November 16: Lubbock, Texas: Andy Truong (Attendance: 54)
November 16: Portland, Oregon: Martin Goldman-Kirst (Attendance: 222)
November 16: Tucson, Arizona: Chris Basco (Attendance: 79)

November 24: Akron, Ohio: Stephen Hanawalt (Attendance: 193)
November 24: Albany, New York: David Pargh (Attendance: 237)
November 24: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Robert Victory (Attendance: 225)

November 30: Austin, Texas: Chris Mabry (Attendance: 158)
November 30: Rosemont, Illinois: Jack Dobbin (Attendance: 179)
November 30: Sarasota, Florida: Brennan DeCandio (Attendance: 150)
November 30: Vancouver, Washington: Evan Nelson (Attendance: 141)
November 30: Worcester, Massachusetts: Ben Chapman (Attendance: 210)

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