Ramirez DePietro Commander

Posted in Daily Deck on September 29, 2015

By Melissa DeTora

Melissa is a former Magic pro player and strategy writer who is now working in R&D on the Play Design team.

Today's deck is a Commander deck built by Magic R&D member Robert Schuster. Robert was on the Wizards team at this year's Magic Community Cup, and he built our nearly perfect-score Commander deck featuring the Pirate legend, Ramirez DePietro.

Ramirez DePietro is a Pirate who pillaged the seas of Jumuraa, one of the major supercontinents on Dominaria. Robert chose to build the most pirate-y Commander deck that ever pirated, and as you can see, the deck is full of Ships, Pirates, Rogues, and treasure. Even the lands have a lot of pirate themes, both in the names and in art. Ramirez is a flamboyant Pirate who loved to wear flashy and colorful clothes and jewelry, which is also represented in the deck with cards such as Sisay's Ring, Traveler's Cloak, Sapphire Medallion, and Jet Medallion.

One of the interesting things about Ramirez is he lies about his age. Robert used cards like Elixir of Immortality, Chalice of Life, and Fountain of Youth to show that Ramirez was actually quite old but covered it up well. Finally, another card that was included in the deck was Clever Impersonator, and it turns out that years after Ramirez ruled the seas, a Shapeshifter named Halfdane assumed his form. You may call him a Clever Impersonator.

Although Robert's deck is packed with flavor, it didn't really have a good way of winning—and he lost our match against Community team member Joel Larrson. The Pirate deck was able to put up a decent fight, with spells such as Tidal Wave to take out a blocker and Island of Wak-Wak to take care of flyers, but eventually Medomai the Ageless and the endless flow of Time Walks got the best of him. Regardless, it was an epic battle and the most interesting game of Commander I've ever seen.

Robert Schuster's Ramirez DePietro Pirates

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COMMANDER: Ramirez DePietro
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