RW Heroic from Pro Tour Journey into Nyx

Posted in Daily Deck on October 2, 2014

By Shuhei Nakamura

As has been previously mentioned, at Pro Tour Journey into Nyx, seven players in the Top 8 were taking advantage of the Sylvan Caryatid/Courser of Kruphix package. You might have been wondering what that eighth player was using instead. Today, we'll be looking at that deck: Stanislav Cifka's extremely aggressive Red-White Heroic Beatdown.

This deck hinges around getting out a single creature and then targeting it with a number of cards. The idea is to build up a giant creature, and then nullify your opponent's removal with Gods Willing.

While the deck can put the opponent on the ropes with blinding speed when it works as intended, the dependence on an optimal land draw puts it at high risk of mulligans. No matter how awesome the spells in hand are, if you have only Plains or only Mountains, it's not going to go anywhere fast, and it was somewhat hampered by the number of basic lands that had to be included.

With the return of Battlefield Forge in Magic 2015 and the addition of Wind-Scarred Crag in Khans of Tarkir, this deck becomes a lot more reliable.

Stanislav Cifka's RW Heroic

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