Standard Mono-White Devotion

Posted in Daily Deck on September 3, 2015

By Melissa DeTora

Melissa is a former Magic pro player and strategy writer who is now working in R&D on the Play Design team.

There were a lot of interesting decks that came out of the Magic: The Gathering World Championships last weekend, but the deck that caught my attention the most was Sam Black's Mono-White Devotion. Devotion decks have taken many forms over the last two years, but mono-white is definitely the least popular color for these decks. The main reason why mono-white never really caught on is because it can't abuse Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx in the same way that the other colors can.

Magic Origins provided us with some new tools to help us achieve a high devotion count. Archangel of Tithes offers us a whopping three white mana symbols to fuel our Nykthos. The card itself is pretty powerful, especially against decks that try to swarm you, like Mono-Red Aggro. Knight of the White Orchid is another great addition to the deck, giving us a little card advantage in addition to being a 2/2 first strike creature. Sam Black even chose to be on the draw in some of his matches at Worlds, just to have a better chance of Knight of the White Orchid being able to search for a land.

So what do we do with all of this mana from Nykthos? The most obvious answer to this question is to use it to fuel a giant Hangarback Walker. Hangarback Walker is becoming the most powerful card in Standard, and it's at its best in decks that are capable of producing a lot of mana. Mastery of the Unseen is the other card that gets better when you have an abundance of mana. We've seen this card in action in Green-White Devotion decks, but there were times the card didn't do much due to the very few white sources that the deck played. That's a problem that Mono-White Devotion will never have.

This deck is fairly aggressive, playing lots of one- and two-drops as well as having a great mana curve. But unlike traditional White Weenie decks, Sam's Mono-White Devotion deck has an incredible late game that most white decks don't have.

Samuel Black's Mono-White Devotion

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