Standard Sultai Control

Posted in Daily Deck on August 4, 2015

By Melissa DeTora

Melissa is a former Magic pro player and strategy writer who is now working in R&D on the Play Design team.

One thing that's interesting about control decks is that they don't need to attack with creatures to win. So when I came across a control list with eleven creatures, I had to take a closer look to see what was going on. After examining Robert Vaughan's Sultai Control deck, it's pretty clear that—like typical control decks—these creatures aren't doing very much damage to the opponent.

Den Protector pretty much speaks for itself. It's been a powerhouse in Standard ever since the release of Dragons of Tarkir, and is usually played alongside Deathmist Raptor. In this deck, Den Protector has one job: It gets back your best spell. Control decks often play a variety of spells that are great in some situations but terrible in others. For that reason, it's usually not a good idea to play full playsets of these spells; and as you can see, Robert is playing only one or two copies of these situational cards. Since some of the spells are amazing in the right matchups, Den Protector ensures that you are able to cast the right spell twice.

Satyr Wayfinder is another card that provides great utility for a control deck. First, it's a mana fixer. Of course, there's no guarantee that you will get the exact land you need, but even hitting your worst land is providing you with card advantage. The Wayfinder also leaves you with a body that will be able to either get in for a couple of points of damage or chump block a big attack while filling up your graveyard for your delve spells.

The real winner in this deck, however, is Jace, Vryn's Prodigy. Many players were skeptical of this card when Magic Origins first came out, but he has been showing up more and more in top lists. As someone who has been playing this card for the past six months, I can tell you that this guy is the real deal. Before you say "It's just a Merfolk Looter," just remember that Merfolk Looter provides you with card quality—something that's very important in decks that play situational spells like this one. Jace, Vryn's Prodigy definitely looks like a Merfolk Looter on the surface, but he is really a two-mana planeswalker in disguise. And post-spark Jace can do some powerful things.

Robert Vaughan's Sultai Control

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