Standard Sultai Pact

Posted in Daily Deck on September 24, 2015

By Melissa DeTora

Melissa is a former Magic pro player and strategy writer who is now working in R&D on the Play Design team.

Demonic Pact has my vote for the most fun card in Standard right now, and I've enjoyed building different Pact decks in FFL (Future Future League, our internal playtesting league). Last weekend, it was pretty exciting to see a Demonic Pact deck perform well at the SCG Open. We often discuss tournament results and new decks in R&D, and we were all happy to see Demonic Pact at the top of the standings, especially Sam Stoddard, who was the lead developer of Magic Origins.

The most interesting thing about Demonic Pact is finding ways to get around losing the game. This can mean you play bounce spells in your deck or ways to destroy your own enchantment. One of my favorite cards to play with Pact is Dromoka's Command. You can use this spell to destroy your own Pact while also using it to fight or pump one of your creatures.

When you're not playing green or white, you need to find other ways of removing your Pact from play. In this deck, Void Snare is the card of choice, but with Magic 2015 rotating out of Standard very soon, Disperse will be the replacement. Sultai Charm also makes an appearance in this deck as a spell with multiple uses, but it can destroy your own Pact if necessary.

In a deck like this one, Demonic Pact is a valid win condition. You can control the board pretty well with Languish and Hero's Downfall and use Den Protector to get back whatever removal spell you need. At times, Den Protector will get in for damage, and then Demonic Pact can finish things off by dealing 4 damage to your opponent a few times. It's a pretty slow way to win because you'll have to repeatedly bounce and replay your Pact, but with all of the control elements in this deck, it's a great plan.

Samuel Braatz’s Sultai Pact

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