Standard White-Blue Control

Posted in Daily Deck on June 4, 2015

By Melissa DeTora

Melissa is a former Magic pro player and strategy writer who is now working in R&D on the Play Design team.

Ever since Dragons of Tarkir was released, it seems like every Standard control deck is loaded with Dragons. Dragonlords Ojutai and Silumgar are capable of completely taking over a game. If you're playing a blue deck with counterspells, it seems like a no-brainer to include these Dragons.

RRozanski may disagree with that statement however, as he piloted a non-dragon Blue-White Control deck to a 3-1 finish in a Daily Event on Magic Online. As you can see there are no Dragonlord Ojutais here. In fact, the win conditions in this deck are few and far between. Elspeth, Sun's Champion is the primary way this deck can end a game and there is a single copy of Pearl Lake Ancient as well. As someone who has played a good amount of Esper Dragons, I can definitely say that Pearl Lake Ancient is the best way to win the control mirror.

There are plenty of interesting cards in this list that I feel are not getting the love they deserve. First we have some white removal in Banishing Light and Devouring Light. Deathmist Raptor is seeing a good amount of play in Standard these days, and these spells can take care of that card permanently. Nullify is another card that seems great in a deck like this. One weakness of White-Blue Control is that it doesn't have very many early plays and therefore can fall behind quickly. Nullify is one of the few spells that this deck has that it can cast before turn three.

My favorite card in the deck is probably Ætherspouts. There's only one copy in the deck, but it can really do some work. The best thing about this card is it's nearly impossible to play around. It's pretty hard for an aggro deck to not attack, and if you and if they are only attacking with a few creatures as a way to play around it, you are buying yourself the time you need to draw into your End Hostilities or Elspeth.

RRozanski’s WHITE-BLUE Control

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