Talrand's Haunting

Posted in Daily Deck on July 12, 2013

By Luis Scott-Vargas

Apparently I'm on a tokens kick this week, but I really like the look of this list. It was played to 3–1 in a Daily Event by HelloHouseplant (hello!), and plays a lot of cards I like playing with.

Despite playing the same base as many other blue decks (Snapcaster Mage and Augur of Bolas), this deck uses them to power out a variety of token-making cards, finishing the game with Intangible Virtue and a Runechanter's Pike.

Talrand's Invocation in particular is a card I've not seen much of, so getting to play with it is awesome. Between that, Lingering Souls, Midnight Haunting, and Sorin, you should rarely be short tokens, especially once you consider how well Augur digs and how well Snapcaster flashes back.

The removal suite is also atypical, relying on Tragic Slip and Warped Physique, both of which are incredibly efficient when used correctly. In this case, chumping with a token lets you Tragic Slip anything that isn't Progenitus, and Warped Physique should often be enough given the hand-filling power of Augur and flashback cards.

I've played a fair amount with tokens in Standard, but I have yet to try the blue version, and after seeing this deck I think I shall rectify that.

HelloHouseplant's Esper Tokens

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