Top 25 Rankings: December 19, 2013

Posted in Daily Deck on December 19, 2013

By Wizards of the Coast

No events this past weekend means there were no changes from the week before.

The next two weeks are rerun weeks here on DailyMTG. There won't be any Top 25 updates for December 26 or January 2, but we will return on January 9 with updates from Grand Prix Shizuoka.

Happy holidays!

1Ben Stark 71.091
2Josh Utter-Leyton 69.292
3Reid Duke 65.913
4Shahar Shenhar 64.494
5Samuel Black 61.135
6Shuhei Nakamura 61.066
7Yuuya Watanabe 60.397
8Willy Edel 58.918
9Jeremy Dezani 57.539
10Stanislav Cifka 57.4910
11Owen Turtenwald 54.6111
11Makihito Mihara 54.6111
13Tom Martell 54.5413
14Eric Froehlich 50.3914
15Martin Juza 48.9115
16David Ochoa 45.9116
17Paul Rietzl 44.5617
18Alexander Hayne 43.9818
19Brian Kibler 43.0619
20Raphael Levy 42.7120
21Craig Wescoe 41.8921
22Ari Lax 40.7122
23David Sharfman 38.7123
24Christian Calcano 37.5624
25Jon Stern 37.2825

Dropped from rankings: None

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