Top 25 Rankings: February 20, 2014

Posted in Daily Deck on February 20, 2014

By Wizards of the Coast

With less than a week to go before Pro Tour Born of the Gods, it's time to take another look at the Magic Top 25 Pro Rankings. It was a strange week—there were two Grand Prix, and almost none of the ranked players attended either! In Paris, France (not Texas), Jérémy Dezani and Christian Calcano tried their hand at Legacy. The Pro Tour Theros Champion Dezani lost his win-and-in for Day Two, and although Calcano got his fair share of wins, ending up on 10–4–1 after fifteen rounds, it wasn't enough for Pro Points.

For Limited fans, Mexico City was the venue on offer, and another Pro Tour Champion, Craig Wescoe, was in action. Unfortunately, Sealed Deck wasn't kind to Wescoe, and he couldn't advance to Day Two. Meanwhile, Marc Lalague picked up his second career Grand Prix title, putting him in perfect form for the Pro Tour in Valencia later this week.

And so, that's where our attention turns. More than 400 competitors, all of the world's best gathered in one room, to battle across sixteen epic rounds of Draft and Modern. Twenty-five names, as ever, sit on our leaderboard. How many will still have their names on the list this time next week? Almost anything is possible, but this time next week could well be the moment for words like "seismic." Stay tuned.

1Ben Stark 64.241
2Josh Utter-Leyton 60.652
3Reid Duke 60.083
4Shahar Shenhar 59.544
5Jeremy Dezani 58.505
6Samuel Black 57.216
7Tom Martell 55.027
8Shuhei Nakamura 55.008
9Yuuya Watanabe 53.109
10Willy Edel 53.0810
11Stanislav Cifka 51.5411
12Owen Turtenwald 51.2212
13Makihito Mihara 50.2213
14Alexander Hayne 47.2814
15Martin Juza 45.0815
16Eric Froehlich 44.1016
17Paul Rietzl 43.7417
18David Ochoa 40.0818
19Shota Yasooka 39.7419
20Jon Stern 39.1320
21Raphael Levy 38.6721
22Brian Kibler 38.0022
23Craig Wescoe 36.8423
24Ari Lax 36.6724
25Christian Calcano 35.7425

Dropped from rankings: None

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