The January 21, 2016 Update

Posted in Daily Magic Update on January 21, 2016

By Blake Rasmussen

Blake is the content manager for, making him the one you should email if you have thoughts on the website, good or less good (or not good). He's a longtime coverage reporter and hasn't turned down a game of Magic in any format ever.

The Daily Magic Update is a roundup of everything Magic you should know for today, January 21, 2016. Today's Update is brought to you by #mtgcosplay and tea time with Jacob and Alex.

Today's Must See

  1. Against the Odds: Realm Razer | MTGGoldfish | Saffron Olive

The Against the Odds series, if you haven't checked it out, is a series where Saffron Olive lets players vote on what card he'll play the next week—usually wacky or offbeat—and then watch and read along as he does just that. It's wacky fun, but it's also a cool exercise in "Is this good?" and "Can we really do that?" This week, oddly enough, he kind of can.

After That, Read, Watch, or Listen to These

  1. Inside the Deck: Oath of the Gatewatch Prerelease | Gathering Magic

Inside the Deck goes inside an Oath Prerelease in Orlandoooooo.

  1. Oath of the Gatewatch Set Review: Rare and Mythic Rare | Limited Resources | Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas

The boys are back with their second Oath of the Gatewatch set review, this time covering all of the rare and mythic rare cards in the set, and even the Expeditions! Which is good, because at a scant three hours long, this one felt a little light, guys.

You can catch their common and uncommon review from last week, and if you're looking for even more Oath drafting reviews, there are plenty more from other sources.

  1. Your Ultimate Guide to European Eternal 2016 | Mind Sports Academy

If you're European, a Legacy aficionado, or you've just got a bunch of travel coming your way you just don't know what to do with, Mind Sports Academy—a European site dedicated to Scrabble, Chess, Go, and Magic—posted the slate of European Legacy and Vintage tournaments for 2016. So grab a suitcase and bring your Bazaar of Baghdads to Brussels, pack your Ponders for Paris, or make for Madrid with your Moxen, because Europe has all kinds of Eternal format options in 2016.

  1. Cards Got Banned and Stuff | CEDTalks | Cedric Phillips and Patrick Sullivan

Cedric Phillips returns with Patrick Sullivan to recap much of the news that's happened while the podcast has been on hiatus, including something about the Sacramento Kings, which I gather is a group of men who pretend to be professional basketball players.

What People Are Talking About

One of our goals with the new DailyMTG setup is to cover all of the ways people enjoy the game, and one of those ways is with cosplay! We've got a few articles on the subject in the works, so look for those soon! In the meantime, Christine Sprankle is probably the best-known Magic cosplayer, but she's far from the only one. If you've got a favorite Magic cosplay, share it with us on Twitter using the hashtag #mtgcosplay and we'll do our best to highlight some cool ones!

Alexander Hayne and Jacob Wilson have been advertising their 24-hour "troll" stream all week, where they let loose a bit before Pro Tour testing begins in earnest. Also they've enjoyed some tea. The stream starts today at 2 p.m. PST (5 p.m. EST). You can find more details in the Reddit thread.

  1. Jace and Nicol Bolas in Duel Masters (Kaijudo) | Reddit

Jace looks like he's been working out. And maybe taking a little something on the side.

Community Spotlight

  1. RoboRosewater

This Twitter account bills itself as "Magic cards generated by a Recurrent Neural Network, posted once a day. Not Mark Rosewater." It's pure goofy nonsense, as the cards rarely make any sense. 

Deck of the Day

  1. Hedron Alignment Combo by Carlos Gutierrez

Ah, living the Johnny dream. Hedron Alignment is tailor-made for someone—or many someones—to tackle the complex question it poses. People have tried wacky ways to do it, but Carlos Gutierrez at Gathering Magic has the Spikiest take on it I've seen so far. Is it good? Who knows. But it doesn't look bad. And when it comes to aligning the hedrons, this deck puts Carlos well ahead. Read his article for the full explanation.

Hedron Alignment Combo

Download Arena Decklist

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