The September 21, 2016 Update

Posted in Daily Magic Update on September 21, 2016

By Blake Rasmussen

Blake is the content manager for, making him the one you should email if you have thoughts on the website, good or less good (or not good). He's a longtime coverage reporter and hasn't turned down a game of Magic in any format ever.

The Daily Magic Update is a roundup of everything Magic you should know on September 21, 2016. Today's Update is brought to you by brews. Brews everywhere!

Today's Must

  1. 20 Standard Brews with Kaladesh: #1-10 | ChannelFireball | Frank Karsten

I guess Karsten felt like he undershot yesterday with just one deck list in his article, so today he has 10, and he's promised another 10 still to come! These decks involve far less math than yesterday's offerings, but far more Dwarves going vroom, vroom.

After That, Read, Watch, or Listen to These

  1. Top 20 Cards In Kaladesh | StarCityGames | Todd Stevens

What I like about this review, out of the sea of many reviews, is that Stevens starts by checking in on his last Top 20 set review, noting where he hit and where he missed, before diving into his Top 20. The second thing I like is that he has a slightly different take on the top cards than popular opinion, but it's a consistent line of thought that you can definitely find reason in. Let's put it this way—Chandra, Torch of Defiance, is not Stevens' top card—though it's pretty close.

  1. Kaladesh Pre-Release Primer w/ Judge Rob | Magic the Amateuring | Meghan Wolff and Maria Bartholdi

Posted yesterday after the Update, but still worth bringing up for your Prerelease knowledge download. Learn more about the tricky rules situations you might encounter this weekend, plus discussion of the Crew Phase (best phase) (not a real phase) and the LoadingReadyRun Pre-Prerelease.

  1. Kaladesh Set Review | The Command Zone | Jimmy Wong and Josh Lee Kwai

If any format is open to wacky new inventions, it's Commander. Jimmy and Josh break down what the latest set has in store for 99-card decks.

  1. Magic: The GatheringKaladesh Pre-Prerelease! | LoadingReadyRun

Have some time to spare and the Limited Resources podcast just isn't quite long enough somehow? Well, the nearly 10-hour long pre-Prerelease show is now on YouTube. It goes much faster if you just watch the part where I combine Panharmonicon and Cloudblazer, and then skip the rest of my matches, as they pretty much are just variations of that oh-so-slow theme.

  1. New Ways to Cook an Egg | TCGPlayer | Conley Woods

Say what you will about the deck Eggs, it was certainly an inventive deck. (If you don't know what the deck is, first, congratulations, second, Woods's deck will give you the low-down). And since we're in a world of invention, Woods sees some possibility in some new Kaladesh cards to revive the archetype banned out of existence some time ago. Is this a good thing? Who knows!

Top 25

  1. No changes

We've entered that part of the schedule where Pro-level events give way to Prereleases and Release events. Don't expect any major changes in these rankings until the week after Grand Prix Atlanta and Grand Prix London October 7-9.

Rank Name Points Change Previous
1 Owen Turtenwald 98.24 1
2 Seth Manfield 93.24 2
3 Lukas Blohon 85.93 3
4 Luis Scott-Vargas 80.13 4
5 Steve Rubin 75.33 5
6 Reid Duke 73.13 6
7 Shota Yasooka 67.03 7
8 Mike Sigrist 66.22 10
9 Martin Müller 64.23 8
10 Joel Larsson 63.73 9
11 Samuel Pardee 62.73 13
12 Paulo Vitor Damo Da Rosa 62.22 10
13 Ondřej Stráský 61.83 12
14 Andrea Mengucci 61.22 14
14 Oliver Tiu 61.22 14
16 Samuel Black 60.32 20
17 Ryoichi Tamada 59.42 17
18 Brad Nelson 59.22 16
19 Yuuya Watanabe 58.32 18
20 Jiachen Tao 57.82 19
21 Paul Rietzl 57.52 22
22 Alexander Hayne 56.22 24
23 Kazuyuki Takimura 56.02 NR
23 Petr Sochůrek 56.02 25
25 Brian Braun-Duin 53.82 21

Dropped from rankings: None

What People are Talking About

Initial reactions to the changes to the Magic Online Championship series that we posted this morning appear to be uniformly positive. Good job, us!

Get hyped for Legacy Cube! Get hyped for Streamer Showdown! Just get hyped!

Please get hyped?

Money for Nothing and Your Duels for, Well, Not Quite Free

  1. This week, check out some Magic Duels promotions going on.

Starting two days ago, all Battle for Zendikar and Oath of the Gatewatch boosters are 33% off until 9/26 (i.e. 100 coins instead of the normal 150). Also going on now through 9/26, for Xbox One only, if you purchase coin buncles through the Xbox store, they're up to 40% off (discount based on the size of the coin bundle). Check ‘em out.

Deck of the Day

  1. Esper Control in Kaladesh Standard | Strictly Better MTG

He had me at "Yeah this is my favorite shirt, thanks for asking."

But beyond quips that make you chuckle, there's a very real Esper Control list utilizing five different Planeswalkers and a ton of removal lurking within. He walks through both what Esper Control lists typically contain, and also whether this Standard has the tools to make it work. Take a look.

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