The April 25, 2016 Update

Posted in Daily Magic Update on April 25, 2016

By Chris Peeler and Alison Luhrs

The Daily Magic Update is a roundup of everything Magic you should know on April 25, 2016. Blake is traveling back from Madrid and that Pro Tour thing you may have heard about over the last couple days. With that, today's Daily Update comes once again from community managers Chris and Alison! Chris and Alison: Significantly less sass than Blake, but with 300% more knowledge of early 2010s-era viral YouTube content. You know, the important things in life.

Today's Must

  1. Enter the Battlefield | Magic Twitch

Starting at noon PT today (UTC -7), Enter the Battlefield will be streaming on repeat for a twelve-hour marathon! Follow seven players on their journey to the Pro Tour and beyond over the course of two years' worth of footage.

What You May Have Missed from the Weekend

  1. Wizards of the Coast,, and GP Charlotte | Wizards Magic YouTube | Hélène Bergeot

Organized Play Director Hélène Bergeot discusses the upcoming Grand Prix in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Wizards of the Coast's commitments to inclusivity and creating a welcome environment for future organized play events.

  1. Top 5 Moments From Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad | Event Coverage

There was this Pro Tour thing that happened over the course of the weekend, which you may or may not have heard about. The events team covered the Top 5 moments of Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad, including a very special sweet sixteen for a legend of the game.

  1. Where Modern Goes From Here | Wizards of the Coast | Aaron Forsythe

This weekend Wizards of the Coast announced that the Pro Tour schedule for next year would be focused on the Standard format, moving away from the once-yearly Modern Pro Tour of recent memory. Aaron Forsythe explains the change and R&D's vision for the purposes of Standard and Modern.

  1. ChannelFireball Deck Techs: Seasons Past Control, Black-Green Sacrifice, and Esper Dragons | ChannelFireball | John Finkel, Luis Scott-Vargas, and Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa

John Finkel, Luis Scott-Vargas, and Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa of ChannelFireball give the rundown on their Pro Tour decks from the weekend. Considering the records that these players and decks posted, it might maybe possibly be a good idea to give them a look, especially before your next major Standard event. Just saying.

  1. Deck Tech: Red-White Humans | TCGPlayer | Craig Wescoe

And now for a deck that didn't quite get the spotlight at the Pro Tour. Craig offers his own fire-and-brimstone take on the Human tribal decks tearing through Standard (it's got Abbot of Keral Keep! And Avacyn's Judgment!). Maybe you didn't see the deck on camera this weekend, but you could have seen it in the feature match area of my heart.

  1. Shadows over Innistrad Cube Review | GatheringMagic | Usman Jamil

The always-fantastic Usman Jamil talks Shadows over Innistrad and Cube. Spoilers: Asylum Visitor is what everyone always wanted in an aggressive black two-drop! What Usman doesn't talk about is how many cards from the most recent set make for fantastic metal song titles. Anguished Unmaking (sludge metal), Thing in the Ice (power metal), Devils' Playground (thrash), Descend upon the Sinful (classic 80s heavy)—everything is represented! Hit me up on Twitter if you need help writing that article, Usman.

  1. Deck of the Day: Steve Rubin's Green-White Tokens

Here it is, your Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad Champion! Steve Rubin's token list takes full advantage of the power of Archangel Avacyn to protect an array of token creatures—including tokens generated from planeswalkers like Gideon, Ally of Zendikar and Nissa, Voice of Zendikar. Congrats again to Rubin and all of our Pro Tour competitors!

Steve Rubin's Green-White Tokens—Winner, Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad

Download Arena Decklist

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