The April 26, 2016 Update

Posted in Daily Magic Update on April 26, 2016

By Chris Peeler and Alison Luhrs

The Daily Magic Update is a roundup of everything Magic you should know on April 26, 2016. Blake is on his way back from covering the Pro Tour that took place over the weekend, so Chris and Alison will be covering you today. We apologize in advance for today's Daily Update containing less than half of your expected oblique references to Canadian Highlander (format of monarchs, long may it reign, etc.).

Today's Must

  1. Concerning Changes to the Pro Club

The Pro Club Changes we made on Sunday were a mistake. Hélène's announcement talks about what we're doing to fix this, effective immediately.

After That, Read, Watch, or Listen to These

  1. Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad: By the Numbers | MTGGoldfish | Saffron Olive

The Pro Tour was great and all, but what if we talked about a hojillion (real number, do not question this) different stats along the way? Saffron Olive is here with an analysis of the decks that over- and underperformed this past weekend, and shares some insights about what the format will look like in the weeks to come.

  1. Shadows over Innistrad Draft Archetypes | TCGPlayer | Melissa DeTora

If you've been playing the new Draft format on Magic Online or at your local FNM and feel a little lost when it comes to Shadows over Innistrad Limited, Melissa has a rundown of the major two-color archetypes and the cards to look out for. It's fantastically helpful, and should do a lot to help you navigate the new environment. Unless you're me, of course, in which case you're forcing Graf Mole Control and losing all your friends in the process.

  1. Channel PMayne—Modern Thopter Affinity | ChannelFireball | Pascal Maynard

Everyone is clamoring to see if the recently unbanned Sword of the Meek can make an impact on Modern. Pascal veers away from control strategies and Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas in favor of putting the combo into an aggro deck. So instead of winning on turn four with a hojillion (Again, real number. Don't look it up.) robots, you get to have a hojillion robots and a ton of life. Nifty!

  1. Blue-Red Sphinx's Tutelage Standard Deck Tech | The Mana Source

Don't tell anyone, but after Shadows over Innistrad, red decks may have the tools to play a slower, more controlling game. Wedge shows off those strategies in the context of a delicious Sphinx's Tutelage mill deck that evaporates your opponent's library. The first thing you learn under Alhammarret is apparently...wait...I forget. What was the thing you learn again?

  1. Getting Your Friends to Play Commander | | Erik Tiernan

We've all been there before. You love a format, but your friends just aren't buying in. For some, that's Booster Draft or Canadian Highlander (*cough*BLAKE*cough*), but for many more it's Commander. Erik talks about some of the pitfalls players face when they introduce the format, and how to avoid them. There's even a sweet Atarka, World Render deck to top it off!

Deck of the Day

  1. Dan Ward's Mono-Green Aggro

Who says you need Rancor to make mono-green stompy a thing? Saffron Olive profiles this great deck from Dan Ward, who recently took down a Standard Invitational Qualifier with Managorger Hydras and Avatar of the Resolute. A little splashing for colorless cards like Spatial Contortion and Warping Wail, and you're good to go!

Dan Ward's Mono-Green Aggro

Download Arena Decklist

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