The May 10, 2016 Update

Posted in Daily Magic Update on May 10, 2016

By Blake Rasmussen

Blake is the content manager for, making him the one you should email if you have thoughts on the website, good or less good (or not good). He's a longtime coverage reporter and hasn't turned down a game of Magic in any format ever.

The Daily Magic Update is a roundup of everything Magic you should know on May 10, 2016. Today's Update is brought to you by Hélène Bergeot, Director of Global Organized Play and star of this week's Magic TV.

Today's Must

  1. Magic TV—Hélène Bergeot Talks Platinum Changes | ChannelFireball

Director of Global Organized Play Hélène Bergeot was at Grand Prix New York, and joined the ChannelFireball crew on Magic TV to talk about the recent changes—and reversals—to the Pro Club. Mashi Scanlan and Luis Scott-Vargas spend roughly 20 minutes asking her about the decision, the reaction, making the World Championship a flagship event, and where we go from here.

After That, Read, Watch, or Listen to These

  1. Fat Stacks—The Eternal Masters Hypothesis | TCGPlayer | Cassidy Silver

Did you know Eternal Masters previews start in less than two weeks? True story. We'll be doing previews the week of May 23 (just one week), and ahead of those previews, Cassidy Silver has his wish list for what could be in the set.

  1. 94: Ari Lax on Logicking from the End | MTGPro Tutor | Shaun Penrod

While Ari Lax is no longer a member of Team Ultra PRO (he's now with Team East West Bowl), all of his lessons are still more than relevant. Lesson number one: "logicking" is not a real word. Lesson number two: it perfectly encapsulates Ari Lax anyway.

  1. Deduction, Innovation, and Frog Monsters: Business Lessons from Magic: The Gathering | Fast Company | Steve Heisler

Fast Company is not about powering out a Collected Company before turn four, though I know that would be something you might be interested in. Rather, it's not about Magic at all. It's a web media company that bills itself as focusing on "technology, ethonomics (ethical economics), leadership, and design. Written for, by, and about the most progressive business leaders..." Into that space—their "leadership" section specifically—comes Magic, which the author uses as an example of a "way to strengthen employees' strategic thinking, deduction, reasoning, and calm in the face of overwhelming odds, regardless of industry."

It's always fascinating to read non-Magic sources write about Magic, and this one does spend ample time just explaining what Magic is—but it's nonetheless a cool article about how the game prepares and improves people's performance in the workplace. It includes interviews with Paul Rietzl, Luis Scott-Vargas, and Wizards employee Kimberly Kreines, and ends by telling employers to have players play Magic at training seminars.

Print this out and hand it to your boss, then tell him you're going to go work on some strategic thinking for a while.

  1. Is it worth it to buy a Shadows over Innistrad Gift Box? A Magic: The Gathering Review | Tolarian Community College | The Professor

The Professor reviews the Shadows over Innistrad Gift Box. He hasn't been terribly kind when reviewing previous Gift Boxes (with good reason), so how does he take to this iteration?

In three words: very much so.

Wait, that doesn't work. I mean, it does if you watch the video, but you probably haven't done that yet. Anyway, just watch.

  1. MTG Lore: Siege of Thraben | SeibenMTG

What pivotal moment set the events of Shadows over Innistrad in motion? You have to go back to Dark Ascension, to the Siege of Thraben and the release of Avacyn. There Liliana's own schemes were finally realized. If you missed the original Innistrad block and want to catch up on one of the most important moments in the story of Avacyn, Seiben has got you covered.

What to Watch Tonight

  1. Vintage Super League

Vintage Super League, the eldest and most venerable of Super Leagues, continues tonight at 5 p.m. PST/8 p.m. EST on I mean, technically it's the qualifier to get into the Vintage Super League, but can you really tell the difference when David Williams, Paul Rietzl, Kai Budde, Reid Duke, and Stephen Menendian are all on the docket? If those are the "maybe we'll let you in the League" guys, then the VSL proper must have an absurd lineup.

What's that? It does. Cool. Anyway, tune in to see a bunch of the best players in the world battle just to stay alive. Like Battle Royale, but with fewer swords.

What People Are Talking About

So you're saying our current World Champion and leader in the Player of the Year race is on a bit of a hot streak?

Card Kingdom, a local store in the Seattle area where I have played, was contacted by someone trying to deal goods stolen from a local store in the Austin area, a store where I have also played. (And there you go. I've just made a nice story about one local store helping out another about myself. Did I internet correctly?) The police were involved, and everyone was happy. Except the guy busted for possession of stolen goods. Him, less so.

Deck of the Day

  1. Bant Displacer Combo—12th Place at Grand Prix New York

While Eldrazi Displacer combo decks splashing black for Zulaport Cutthroat were all the rage at Grand Prix New York, one player managed to pull together the same combo without the black cards and finish in 12th place. How?

Pious Evangel, as it turns out, doesn't actually need black mana to turn to the dark side, meaning it can become, in effect, a Zulaport Cutthroat on its own without needing to include any Swamps.

"But, Blake," you might say, "what if the Evangel is the last part of the combo and can't transform because it just came into play?"

Therein lies the beauty in this combo—the front side of Pious Evangel has an ability that meshes with the Brood Monitor/Eldrazi Displacer combo as well, gaining you as much life as you'd like, which—while it isn't exactly winning—it's pretty darn close.

Beyond that, the deck resembles Bant Company, even going into Den Protector/Deathmist Raptor space in the sideboard for grindy matchups. It loses the Nantuko Husk angle, but with an uptick in Ultimate Price, that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

On the strength of all of that, Mike Mei managed to finish in 12th place at Grand Prix New York, just barely outside the Top 8.

Mike Mei's Displacer Combo

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