The May 18, 2016 Update

Posted in Daily Magic Update on May 18, 2016

By Blake Rasmussen

Blake is the content manager for, making him the one you should email if you have thoughts on the website, good or less good (or not good). He's a longtime coverage reporter and hasn't turned down a game of Magic in any format ever.

The Daily Magic Update is a roundup of everything Magic you should know on May 18, 2016. Today's Update is brought to you by Inclusivity.

Today's Musts

  1. Opponents Are People Too | A Symphony of Snores | Steve Rubin
  2. Women in Magic Panel | Meghan Wolff, April King, Morgan Wentworth, and Maria Bartholdi

Yesterday afternoon and evening was both a good and a bad time for inclusivity in Magic.

The good: these two pieces of content! Steve Rubin's piece on treating opponents like actual human beings and a Women in Magic panel about, well, women in Magic, highlighted issues in our community and offered proactive, positive ways to improve things for everyone. We want Magic to be a welcoming, inclusive game that leads to fun, positive interactions while you're pretending to be a powerful wizard. The article from Steve Rubin and the panel featuring Meghan Wolff, April King, Morgan Wentworth, and Maria Bartholdi were both excellent examples of how that can be possible more often.

As a result, there were some great conversations about inclusivity and just plain being nice online yesterday, with a lot of players chiming in that they now realize they might be guilty of this or that, and that they would work to make playing Magic with them as awesome as possible.

The bad: not everyone felt that way. In fact, some felt the opposite. This led to a few (though a minority) holding conversations that I'll generously say were not very nice. Let's be clear—sexist, homophobic, racist, threatening, or just plain mean comments have no place in our community.

The good: the chorus of people saying just that! By and large, our community rallied against the negative conversation. Inclusivity is one of the most important parts of this game and this community, and that's the sort of thing we want to celebrate.

Modern Weekend Approaches

  1. Modern, Modern, Modern!

You want Modern?! You want Modern?! You can't handle Modern!

Or maybe what you really can't handle is me butchering movie quotes with strained Magic references.

With not one but two Modern Grand Prix this weekend (Grand Prix Los Angeles and Grand Prix Charlotte), we're getting a ton of Modern content today. Why not put it all in one place so you can show me the money? Wait, no, that doesn't work.

Um, there's a ton of Modern content today. Here's most of it. Warning: there's a ton.

And if you have premium (i.e. not free), there are a few more strong pieces from Brad Nelson and Tom Ross, Gerry Thompson, Sam Black, and Tom Ross and Todd Anderson.

After Those, Read, Watch, or Listen to These

  1. Vintage Super League Invitation Night

The Vintage Super League handed out some invitations last night—to the Vintage Super League. Confused? Well, it's actually the play-in rounds to get to the real Vintage Super League, if that helps. So if you missed last night's live broadcast, be sure to check out the video for more Black Lotus in one place than you could reasonably hope to see in real life basically ever.

  1. Four-Color Commanders and Organization 101 | The Command Zone | Josh Lee Kwai and Jimmy Wong

Jimmy and Josh celebrate the good times that come after Announcement Day, which included the news that Magic: The Gathering—Commander (2016 Edition) would include four-color commanders. They also talk organization—but, you know, four-color commanders.

Top 25

  1. No Tournaments Means No Changes

What the title says. The Top 25 remains unchanged.

Rank Name Points Change Previous
1 Seth Manfield 88.97 1
2 Owen Turtenwald 80.06 2
3 Steve Rubin 67.06 3
4 Fabrizio Anteri 63.22 4
5 Paulo Vitor Damo Da Rosa 62.33 5
6 Martin Müller 62.22 6
7 Paul Rietzl 61.79 7
8 Luis Scott-Vargas 61.58 8
9 Joel Larsson 61.42 9
10 Shota Yasooka 60.60 10
11 Reid Duke 59.60 11
12 Samuel Black 59.52 12
13 Alexander Hayne 59.51 13
14 Andrea Mengucci 59.21 14
15 Brad Nelson 59.16 15
16 Mike Sigrist 58.35 16
17 Ondřej Stráský 57.24 17
18 Yuuya Watanabe 56.79 18
19 Lukas Blohon 55.95 19
20 Thiago Saporito 54.96 20
21 Ivan Floch 54.14 21
22 Ryoichi Tamada 53.39 22
23 Michael Majors 53.11 23
24 Jon Finkel 52.85 24
25 Kazuyuki Takimura 51.94 25

What People Are Talking About

  1. So much Saheeli Rai fan art

Fans on Tumblr have taken to Saheeli Rai, the Planeswalker we announced would be part of Kaladesh, as fans on Tumblr do. There's even an entire (not at all official) Tumblr dedicated to her.

Community Spotlight

  1. Windmillionaire REDEMPTION—MTG Game Show

The introduction alone got me. Windmillionaire is a Magic-themed YouTube game show that has been gone for a little bit. But, in the meantime, they've upgraded the production value while keeping the fun. Worth checking out for something a little different. You can see their return to form here below.

Deck of the Day

  1. Modern Elves

Elves have been strong in nearly every format (save maybe Vintage), so it's no surprise that they pop up now and then in Modern as well. Here, Karstinen takes their version of the deck—complete with Ezuri, Renegade Leader and Mirror Entity to make everything huge—to 5-0 in a Modern League. Collected Company is an obvious inclusion, but also note the use of Devoted Druid (which combos very nicely with Ezuri) and Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx. The plan is obviously to generate tons of mana, followed by pumping all of the Elves to mammoth proportions. And it does it quite well.

Karstinen's 5-0 Modern League Elves

Download Arena Decklist

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