The May 20, 2016 Update

Posted in Daily Magic Update on May 20, 2016

By Chris Peeler

Chris is involved in a little bit of everything the communications team does, but focuses primarily on Magic Duels and running the social media accounts associated with that. So mostly that means he has way, way, way too many internet browser windows open at once.

The Daily Magic Update is a roundup of everything Magic you should know on May 20, 2016. Blake is traveling today, so Chris is covering the Daily Magic Update. It's like Ferris Bueller's Day Off, except Blake isn't a dweeby high school dean and it's not at all like Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Anyway, on to the links!

What to Stream This Weekend

  1. Modern Weekend from ChannelFireball

There's great Modern action streaming live from Grand Prix Los Angeles, starting Saturday at 9:15 a.m. PT/12:15 p.m. ET/5:15 p.m. UTC. ChannelFireball will beam all the action to you on Twitch, straight to your internet-capable device of choice. Me, I'll be watching on a television, drinking a milkshake, with my laptop open so I can also be playing in the...

Things to Do While Also Watching the Modern Weekend

  1. Year of Modern Flashbacks on Magic Online

Quick reminder: this is the last weekend to play full Time Spiral block Drafts on Magic Online. Yes, the last weekend for months you'll be able to force Sliver tribal. Luckily you'll only have to wait until June 8 to play with Boldwyr Intimidator again—which is how I measure the Absolute Fun Value (AFV) of a Limited format. Make sure to scope out that link above to see the schedule for flashback drafts for the rest of the year!

  1. Versus Battle Weekend in Magic Duels

Also, you can earn double the coins from multiplayer matches in Magic Duels this weekend! Nota bene: a game in Magic Duels is roughly the length of a short-to-medium between-round Magic stream downtime. Just saying.

What to Read and Watch When You're Somehow Not Actively Playing or Watching Magic

  1. Analyzing the Modern State Championship This Weekend | TCGPlayer | Craig Wescoe

Not content to just run down a hojillion (real number, again, don't question me here) different decks in the Modern format, Craig shares his Top 10 lists for the format—and some super fun bonus lists along the way.

  1. How to Help Your Favorite YouTube Channels | The Mana Source | Wedge

One of the reasons we started doing the Daily Magic Update was to shed light on excellent content creators around the Magic internet. But how do you help out and make sure those videos keep circulating? Wedge sheds some insight on the simple ways you can help out your favorite Magic YouTuber.

  1. Shadows over Innistrad Sealed Deck | Limited Resources | Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas

Now that we've had enough time with the format, the Limited Resources experts are able to talk more about the subtle differences between Shadows over Innistrad Draft and Sealed. That's great info to have on hand before your next Grand Prix or PPTQ!

  1. Things can get a little out of hand when you're playing against the Magic Duels AI

Magic Duels streamer and tournament organizer Kryder sent me this absurd screenshot of his token deck going off. Negative four-digit life totals, anthem effects, and creature tokens. You know, all the good stuff.

  1. Gavony Lullaby—Visible Spectrum

Readers of the Hanweir Chronicle might remember that a collective lullaby calmed the mob at a tense town hall meeting (as reported by staunch journalist Oliver Hayfield). Visible Spectrum took it upon themselves to write their own interpretation of what that lullaby might sound like, and it''s just awesome. Listen to it now and take a nice little snooze on Innistrad.

Deck of the Day

  1. Instant Deck Tech: Atarka Red Standard | MTGGoldfish | SaffronOlive

You thought this was going to be a modern deck, didn't you? Oh ho, dear reader, instead it is a deck with my main flying friend, Goldnight Castigator. I've lived the dream of casting ol' Goldie with an Assault Formation in play, and ever since I've had an undue amount of affection for the card. SaffronOlive walks us through the deck and all of its many, many one-drops and burn spells. Enjoy the aggro!

SaffronOlive's Atarka Red

Download Arena Decklist

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