The August 11, 2016 update

Posted in Daily Magic Update on August 11, 2016

By Blake Rasmussen

Blake is the content manager for, making him the one you should email if you have thoughts on the website, good or less good (or not good). He's a longtime coverage reporter and hasn't turned down a game of Magic in any format ever.

The Daily Magic Update is a roundup of everything Magic you should know on August 11, 2016. Today's Update is brought to you by the 2015–2016 Pro Season. We hardly knew ye.

Today's Must

  1. Pantheon Deck Tech: RUG Eldrazi | ChannelFireball | Jon Finkel

Jon Finkel emerges from whatever hyperbaric chamber they store him in between Pro Tours and pens an article about the deck that took Owen Turtenwald to second place and a Player of the Year trophy at Pro Tour Eldritch Moon. Typically, “Jon Finkel writes something” is all I would need to put something on the must list, so what are you waiting for?

After That, Read, Watch, or Listen to These

  1. Vancouver to Sydney: Top 5 Major Events in MTG this Season and the Impact of Pro Tour Eldritch Moon | |Kerry Meyerhoff

This is a nice little summary of the wild ride that was the 2015–16 Pro Season—from significant changes, both popular and unpopular, to a rolling metagame that shifted in enormous ways with the advent of the two-set-block paradigm, this was a season to remember. So Meyerhoff remembers it for you.

  1. The Hanweir Horror: An Amazing Amalgam of Story Awesomeness | Tumblhurgoyf

With Eldritch Moon came the end of a project we had been working on and sowing with the public called the Hanweir Chronicle, which told the story of Hanweir through letters, newspaper clippings, and various other in-world relics and artifacts. Here, Tumblr user Tumblhurgoyf (five points for the name) looks at the story-telling medium and analyzes its effectiveness. Spoiler alert: they're a fan.

  1. Representation Done Right | Hipsters of the Coast | Jess Stirba

Hipsters of the Coast, if you're not familiar, does more commentary on social issues related to Magic and gaming than any other site. It's a welcome and needed change of pace from the cacophony of strategy sites (though they dabble in that as well). So it's no surprise that Stirba took a look at representation when it comes to Kaya, our newest Planeswalker. And the verdict? Well, the title kind of gives it away, but read on anyway.

  1. Conspiracy: Take the Crown Spoilers - Kaya, Ghost Assassin – New Planeswalker Revealed – MTG! | The Mana Source | Wedge

You could tell Wedge was just a touch excited about his sneaky preview card yesterday, and more so when that card was the awesome Kaya, Ghost Assassin. Watch him break down the latest to join the Planeswalker pantheon in this seven-minute video.

  1. Against the Odds: Harmless Pact (Standard) | MTGGoldfish | SaffronOlive

I mean, you knew this was coming, right? The most Johnny of cards in the set was 100% guaranteed to get a spot in the Against the Odds rotation, as SaffronOlive tries to make the card good. I mean, it at least has to be in the running for best kitten-related card in Standard, right?

  1. Everything You Need to Know About Tempo / Modern Vampires | Masters of Modern | Alex Kessler and Ben Bateman

Modern Vampires shares the headline spotlight, but this podcast is all about tempo, tempo, tempo. Learn about the applications of this important concept as it applies to Modern.

Also there are Vampires. Did I mention the Vampires?

What People Are Talking About

It's a bit cheaty to use anything emblazoned with #WOTCStaff, but I did want to take the opportunity to remind you that Conspiracy: Take the Crown previews start in full on Monday. As if you weren't already hitting refresh on your browser. (Maybe give that a rest for a few days.)

This garnered a ton of responses, mostly Draft and Standard. My answers? Canadian Highlander, with Vintage and Commander coming in shortly behind. What can I say? I like old stuff. Chime in on Gaby's thread with your answer.

Deck of the Day

  1. Arrogant Bant

I just made that deck name up, and it's already my favorite deck name ever.

But besides a semi-clever deck name that I'm overly pleased with, this is an intriguing new entrant onto the Standard scene. I played against one of these the other day and didn't realize it wasn't Bant Company until they played their first Void Shatter. To say I was surprised was an understatement.

The deck can look deceptively like a Bant Company deck right off the bat, as the lands and an early Sylvan Advocate or Spell Queller might make things appear one way. But the deck is pure control. And it's good, too.

Advocates hold the fort while also providing a late-game finisher. Spell Queller lets the deck play a metric ton of counterspells—thirteen in total, which is more than we've seen in a long, long time. And Dragonlord Ojutai is still a premier finisher.

The deck's main strength is its ability to play at instant speed, much the same way Bant Company can. Archangel Avacyn and Stasis Snare are additional cards with flash, and Blessed Alliance is an underrated removal spell.

The deck's namesake (the name I gave it just now) is Tragic Arrogance, a powerful spell that's excellent in a Bant Company metagame but might be a little soft if all people are trying to do is Emrakul you (that's what the Summary Dismissals are for in the sideboard).

All in all, I'm excited to see where this deck goes.

Mister Falcon’s Arrogant Bant

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