The September 29, 2016 update

Posted in Daily Magic Update on September 29, 2016

By Blake Rasmussen

Blake is the content manager for, making him the one you should email if you have thoughts on the website, good or less good (or not good). He's a longtime coverage reporter and hasn't turned down a game of Magic in any format ever.

The Daily Magic Update is a roundup of everything Magic you should know on September 29, 2016. Today's Update is brought to you by a certified math doctor.

Today's Must

  1. Magic Math—Kaladesh: Smuggler's Copter, Glint-Nest Crane, and Inventor's Apprentice | ChannelFireball | Frank Karsten

You know, I tried not to make another Karsten math article the Must for the day, as I do so with some regularity. But it's not just that the mathiness of this one appeals to me, it's the fact that it addresses some common deck-building questions as we head into the first weekend of people getting a hold of actual cards. So how many artifacts do you need to make Glint-Nest Crane worth it? What's the ratio of Vehicles to crew? If you want Inventor's Apprentice to be viable, how many artifacts should you play? All of these are questions people will be asking this weekend as they build their first decks—so why not look to a certified math doctor for answers?

After That, Read, Watch, or Listen to These

  1. The Kaladesh Flavor Review | | John Dale Beety

Beety does something no one else really does on a regular basis: reviews the flavor and feel of a set from strictly that vantage point. See where he thinks the set hits and where it misses when creating the world of Kaladesh.

  1. Reprint Rumble Kaladesh | Original Magic Art

I enjoy Magic's art, but I'm not exactly what you would call a super fan. I don't recognize artists by their style, I don't particularly have favorite pieces of art (except when it comes to full-art Islands), and I often miss details in some of the coolest art we do. All of that is a long way to get to saying that I'm not a huge art guy, but I love these articles. In them, Original Magic Art compares (and lets you vote on) the art of reprints in the latest set versus the old versions. I always learn a thing or five when reading them, too, which makes me appreciate the art that much more.

  1. Depala Skywalker, Swoop-Racing Champion | Hipsters of the Coast | Jess Stirba

Though this article really needs a decklist for more visual readers (yes, oddly enough, decklists count as visual elements), this article is still doing what tons of people are salivating over while waiting for Kaladesh to officially hit stores: building a Dwarves and Vehicles deck with Depala, Pilot Exemplar. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines.

  1. MTAcast "Kaladesh is the KalaBEST!" Prerelease Report! Magic: The Gathering Video Podcast | Magic the Amateuring | Meghan Wolf and Maria Bartholdi

Sure, Prereleases are the best when you open ridiculous pools. (They're also great even when you don't.)

  1. Magic Mics! New Rules, B&R Changes, and More! | Magic Mics | Evan Erwin, Reuben Bresler, and Erin Campbell

If you missed the show last night, then you missed Magic's premier Wednesday-night talking heads show. In it, they discuss—well, you can read the title.

  1. Against the Odds: Braid of Fire | MTGGoldfish | SaffronOlive

We now take a break from our regularly scheduled Kaladesh hype to bring you this very special message from SaffronOlive.

"Don't play with fire, kids. But if you must, make it Braids of Fire, and generate tons of mana with Upwelling. Then double it with Doubling Cube. Because why not."

The more you know.

What People Are Talking About

  1. When does spoiler season start for Commander (2016 Edition)?

Already jonesing for another fix, huh? Well, let me see what I can do to help.

Officially, Commander (2016 Edition) previews start October 24 and run for one week. Full decklists will be published on October 28. Officially.

Indeed, some things certainly are happening. Mainly two things. The costs of events are going down starting with Kaladesh. (You can see those event details here.) Magic Online is also introducing something called Treasure Chests, which can contain anything—even a boat! Well, not actually a boat. And not actually "anything." Read on to find out more, though I recommend starting with the central hub article.

Decks of the Day

  1. White-Blue Panharmonicombo | Hareruya | Pierre Dagen

I almost didn't include this deck because it includes Panharmonicon but not Cloudblazer. I can't possibly fathom how that could ever be correct. But here we are.

That said, it's still pretty cool that the deck, which you can find in the article linked above, can be played as a pure value deck—blinking things with Eldrazi Displacer, making Servos with Angel of Invention, tapping things down with Drowner of Hopeor you can actually combo off with Panharmonicon, Eldrazi Displacer, and Drowner of Hope, creating as much mana, as many Eldrazi Scions, and tapping as many creatures as you like. From there, you can blink anything else to continually use those abilities as well.

A value deck with an incidental combo finish? That sounds an awful lot like the old White-Blue Reveillark decks that were such powerhouses in Standard. Color me interested.

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