The January 10, 2017 Update

Posted in Daily Magic Update on January 10, 2017

By Blake Rasmussen

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The Daily Magic Update is a roundup of everything Magic you should know on January 10, 2017. Today's Update is brought to you by reactions to yesterday's Banned and Restricted Announcement. I'm not going to capture all of them here, but I'll try to get a cross-section to see how writers in the community view yesterday's news.

In Which People Discuss the Bans

  1. Emrakul, Copter, Reflector Mage, Grave-Troll, Probe Banned | Matt Sperling | ChannelFireball

Sperling was the first to have an article with a take on the Banned and Restricted announcement. His take is relatively accurate with regards to R&D's decision. The thinking didn't match up perfectly, but it's close enough that reading this should give you a good snapshot of some of the best reasons for the decision.

  1. INSANE MTG News: Banned and Restricted Announcement for Magic: The Gathering! | The Mana Source | Wedge

Groans, screams, cries, freak-outs, and questions are on Wedge's mind as he covers the Standard bannings. Though, believe me, control will die out over my dead, Cloudblazer-infused body. Reflector Mage was a way to target White-Blue Flash without encroaching too much on other decks. Nothing more.

At any rate, check out Wedge's take here.

  1. TCGPlayer Tackles the Announcement | Seth Manfield and Corbin Hosler

TCGPlayer got up two different reactions to the Monday announcement, one from Manfield and one from Hosler. Manfield's is a pretty straightforward take on what each of the bannings means and why they were made. It's not too dissimilar from what Sperling had to say, actually. Hosler's goes a bit deeper and maybe puts on its tinfoil hat a bit, dissecting not the individual cards, but the bannings in the larger picture and what it means for Magic.

  1. From Standard Bans to Pre-Pro Tour Writing | First Strike | Kar Yung Tom, Doug Potter, Robert Lombardi, and Bryan Gottlieb

Talk about timing. The First Strike crew just happened to have a show last night just in time to discuss the changes to the Standard environment. The debate gets pretty spirited, but at least you know that you'll be getting a number of sides to the discussion. Available in podcast or video form.

  1. Out with the Old, in with Felidar Guardian | Top Level Podcast | Patrick Chapin and Mike Flores

Bonus podcast! Chapin and Flores talk about the announcement as well as the new Saheeli Rai/Felidar Guardian combo. But mostly the announcement. Chapin always has interesting takes on these kinds of things, and his thoughts on Reflector Mage are certainly worth...reflecting on.

After Those, Read, Watch, or Listen to These

  1. The Comprehensive Aether Revolt Prerelease Guide (Fixed) | Strictly Better MTG | Dev

Want to learn about the Prerelease coming up this weekend? This is a great video for learning all about it, and a good companion to the Prerelease Primer you might have missed yesterday in all of the Banned and Restricted hubbub.

  1. Aether Revolting | Men from Modo | David Savill and Travis Sowers

Savill and Sowers have a 6 hour podcast where they review Every. Single. Aether. Revolt. Card. All of them. If you're new to the Prereleases, read the Prerelease Primer. If you've been to a Prerelease before, but would like a review of it again, check out the Strictly Better MTG video above. But if you want to over-prepare, definitely listen to all of this offering from the Men of Modo.

What to Watch Tonight

  1. Vintage Super League


Thanks, helpful tweet, for having all the information we need!

What People Are Talking About

  1. Obviously, people are talking about the Banned and Restricted announcement. So I'm just going to include a smattering of Tweets from some of the prominent names in the game. For a broader discussion, you can also check out this very, very long Reddit thread.

Deck of the Day

  1. Blue-Red Eldrazi Control

There are a number of decks untouched by the bannings that will certainly see some kind of uptick in play. Green-Red Energy, for example, was already a heavy-hitter in the format, and it's likely that will continue. But it will also allow some fringe strategies to flourish. Could one of them be today's deck of the day, Blue-Red Eldrazi Control?

The deck has hung around the periphery of the format for some time, occasionally putting up a result here or there, but it's never really taken off despite its ability to play a passable control game with a very powerful late game. But you know what was a more powerful late game? Emrakul, the Promised End. Without bit sister hanging over their head, this crew of Eldrazi might be primed for a return.

The list below is by Magic Online player DAIHO2000, who went 5-0 in a Standard Competitive League with the deck. They've got a number of spicy additions to the deck that might have helped push it to the undefeated ranks. First, Weaver of Lightning is typically viewed as a very strong sideboard card against decks with small creatures and fliers, but DAIHO2000 moved it into the main and even kept a fourth in the sideboard. Meanwhile, the split between Spell Shrivel and Scatter to the Winds seems odd, until you realize that the deck's mana base has a lot of colorless lands, and it's better to think of Scatter as a late game spell rather than something for turn three most of the time.

There's no telling what this deck's future is, but it's clearly powerful and certainly has the look of a future contender.

Blue-Red Eldrazi Control

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