The July 25, 2017 Update

Posted in Daily Magic Update on July 25, 2017

By Nicholas Wolfram

Nicholas Wolfram fell promptly in love with tabletop and video games when he was only two years old, and he has been writing about them since he figured out how words worked. Now he puts together words about Magic, which he started playing way back in 2000.

The Daily Magic Update is a roundup of everything Magic you should know on July 25, 2017. Today's Update is brought to you by Hour of Devastation, with a Pro Tour incoming. Also Unstable still. Because the Squirrels say so.

Today's Must-Read

  1. Hour of Devastation Is the Set Magic Deserves | ChannelFireball | Brian DeMars

Hour of Devastation is full of powerful removal and devastating bombs. Not only that, but it makes for another fantastic and diverse Limited format with plenty of strategic options. Brian has a lot of praises to sing for the set, and I must say I agree with all of them.

After That, Read, Watch, or Listen to These

  1. Top 10: Sphinx| Aether Hub | Nizzahon Magic

Sphinxes are one of blue's most iconic creatures. Nizzahon takes an objective look at the ten greatest Sphinxes of all time based solely on competitive performance.

  1. The Viewer's Guide to Pro Tour Hour of Devastation | | Jadine Klomparens

Pro Tour Hour of Devastation is only days away, and everybody is gearing up to try to solve the Standard format. But Jadine is only in it to watch. And she's got a lot of decks to watch out for, apparently.

  1. New York Magic | TCGPlayer | Bruce Richard

Bruce took a weekend trip to New York that was filled with some great food and (more importantly) a few great games of Commander. Check out some of his reflections here and then try to figure out where to get a good bagel near you.

  1. Building Modern Abzan | ChannelFireball | Reid Duke

Abzan may be only three colors, but it still packs a ton of building options. Reid gathers up Liliana of the Veil and some Lingering Souls and explores some of these options.

  1. Solemnity in Modern | MTG Mint Card | Simon Nielsen

I don't think Solemnity brewing is going to stop any time soon. Until we stop printing cards that have the word "counter" without the word "target" after it, Solemnity will continue to be a central focus of Johnnies and even Spikes everywhere.

  1. Atmosphere and Plot: The Creative Pendulum Swings | | John Dale Beety

With almost 25 years of history, Magic has had a lot of time to explore design space that balances atmosphere, plot, and gameplay. John takes some time to analyze the path of this exploration over the past quarter-century.

What People Are Talking About

  1. Still Unstable

Because why wouldn't they be? If you've never played an Un- set, get ready for a good time.

Deck of the Day

  1. Atsuki Kihara's 2nd-Place Grand Prix Kyoto Deck

With plenty of fliers, Hour of Eternity, and some powerful removal, Atsuki managed to push this unconventional Hour of Devastation Draft deck all the way to second place at Grand Prix Kyoto. Well done, Atsuki!

Atsuki Kira's Hour of Devastation Draft

Download Arena Decklist

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