The August 11, 2017 Update

Posted in Daily Magic Update on August 11, 2017

By Blake Rasmussen

Blake is the content manager for, making him the one you should email if you have thoughts on the website, good or less good (or not good). He's a longtime coverage reporter and hasn't turned down a game of Magic in any format ever.

The Daily Magic Update is a roundup of everything Magic you should know on August 11, 2017. Today's Update is brought to you by the full Commander (2017 Edition) Card Image Gallery!

Today's Must

  1. Commander 2017! Ur-Dragon, Edgar Markov, Arahbo, and Inalla l Game Knights #9 Magic: The Gathering | The Command Zone | Jimmy Wong, Josh Lee Kwai, Mel Li, and Shawn Main

That's right—the day the full set is revealed, you can watch all four decks in action on one of the best-produced video series in all of Magic-dom. And who better to take them through the gameplay than Mel Li and Shawn Main, two former Wizards of the Coast employees who had strong hands in creating Commander (2017 Edition).

I'm still in the building and I haven't even played with the decks yet. To say I'm jealous would be an understatement.

What to Watch This Weekend

  1. Grand Prix Birmingham | | Saturday and Sunday, 2 a.m. PT/5 a.m. ET/9 a.m. UTC

I posted this yesterday too, but, let's be honest, you were looking at previews the whole morning. That's okay! This happens late, late, late tonight in the US, and at normal, human hours in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. The format of the weekend is Modern, so tune in for your fill of one-mana 10/10s and lands that tap for two or three. Blue cards will also be there.

  1. Richmond Open Weekend | | Saturday and Sunday, 7:30 a.m. PT/10:30 a.m. ET/2:30 p.m. UTC

More Modern, all the time. It's just a Modern kind of weekend, and, thanks to time zones, you can basically watch Modern all weekend between the two streams, with a nap somewhere in there so you don't start hallucinating.

Also, Read, Watch, or Listen to These

  1. Everybody Hates Earthshaker Khenra | Top Level Podcast | Mike Flores and Patrick Chapin

On Wednesdays we wear pink, Earthshaker Khenra!

(Did you know that if you start to google "On Wednesdays," this is what it autocompletes to? True story.)

Flores and Chapin cover all the ways in which players are combating—successfully—the mono-red menace.

  1. The Magic Art of Steven Belledin | TheMagicManSam

I feel like I shouldn't have to introduce these at this point. TheMagicManSam does amazing art videos. Steven Belledin does amazing art. Here they are combined. Enjoy.

  1. Commander: Mirri, Weatherlight Duelist | ChannelFireball | Eric Levine

Why wait? Eric Levine has already concocted a Mirri, Weatherlight Duelist deck ready to battle. And, yes, there are Cats in the deck.

  1. Top 8 #MTGHOU Flavor Text | MTG: Young Mage

It's not often you get to hear a kid reading out "The desert is a voracious beast, devouring flesh and stone," followed by "Love this!" But this video has that, and seven more flavor tidbits to devour.

What People Are Talking About

  1. Lore Dragons of Commander | Voyage for Change | Voyager Orchid

This short post looks at the stories behind three of the characters you'll find in the Dragons C17 deck—Wasitora, Ramos, and O-Kagachi.

  1. That would be Rules Manager Eli Shiffrin (@EliShffrn). You should probably follow him for the latest rules updates, nagging questions, and rules minutiae.

Decks of the Day

  1. All of the Commander (2017 Edition) decks

This is a bit of a cheat, but all four of the Commander (2017 Edition) decklists were posted today. What deck could possibly top them for level of interest?

Check them out here.

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