The August 25, 2017 Update

Posted in Daily Magic Update on August 25, 2017

By Blake Rasmussen

Blake is the content manager for, making him the one you should email if you have thoughts on the website, good or less good (or not good). He's a longtime coverage reporter and hasn't turned down a game of Magic in any format ever.

The Daily Magic Update is a roundup of everything Magic you should know on August 25, 2017. Today's Update is brought to you by Commander (2017 Edition), which releases today!

What to Watch This Weekend

  1. Grand Prix Indianapolis | | 7:15 a.m. PT/10:15 a.m. ET/2:15 p.m. UTC

We've got one last look at Hour of Devastation Limited this weekend, as scores of people decend on Indianapolis with fingers crossed a Glorybringer can, well, bring them glory.

After That, Read, Watch, or Listen to These

  1. "Draconic Domination" Commander 2017 Deck Tech and Upgrades featuring The Ur-Dragon – MTG! | The Mana Source | Wedge

There are a lot of good suggestions in here on how to build out the "Draconic Domination" deck from Commander (2017 Edition), though I'm honestly looking forward to playing the decks straight out of the box. Still, when the time comes to upgrade them—and that time will come—this is a good place to start.

  1. Commander 2017 Flavor Spotlight | Gathering Magic | Ant Tessitore and Mike Linnemann

Commander 2017 is packed with flavor, which is right in the wheelhouse of the Snack Time crew. So grab your finest ascot, lift the needle off your favorite record, grab a cold brew, and savor some delicious C17 flavor.

  1. What Made This Standard Format So Great? | ChannelFireball | Josh Silvestri

My personal theory is that the format's greatness is precisely proportional to how playable Cloudblazer is. That means there's still room to improve!

  1. The Scarab God Appreciation Week | Top Level Podcast | Mike Flores and Patrick Chapin

Every week should be The Scarab God appreciation week! I mean, can you imagine reanimating a Cloudblazer? Zombie Cloudblazer!

  1. Sneaky Bad Cards and Sneaky Good Cards | Limited Resources | Luis Scott-Vargas and Marshall Sutcliffe

Cloudblazer isn't sneaky good, it's just good, so they don't talk about it here. But they do cover how card evaluation changes as a format evolves, plus thoughts on where Hour of Devastation Draft has evolved to. All in a scant 65 minutes.

  1. Magic Story: Alara to Amonkhet | MTGSalvation | Jay Annelli

Before we embark on the voyage that is the Ixalan story (starting up again in two weeks!), Jay Annelli takes us on a trip from the Mending to present day.

  1. Five Predictions for the Broken Gatewatch Saga | Hipsters of the Coast | Beck Holden

More story content today, which is always awesome. This one looks forward as Beck Holden makes five predictions for the story from Hour of Devastation—where the Gatewatch broke—forward. I love reading these things and then looking back on them when some of the predictions either fail or come to fruition.

What People Are Talking About

  1. [Survey RESULTS] I'd like to know how you play at FNM

I can't speak to the veracity of the survey, but it's certainly an interesting read, especially as something originating from a player.

Deck of the Day

  1. New Perspectives

After failing spectacularly at Pro Tour Amonkhet, New Perspectives combo pretty much fell off the radar. But as more decks become midrange focused and worry more about destroying artifacts with the rise of God-Pharaoh's Gift and the return of Oketra's Monument, it's never been better to base your deck around an enchantment. Or in Melv.P's case, two enchantments. Unlike previous versions of this deck that killed with Approach of the Second Sun, people are experimenting with other win conditions. I've seen Vile Manifestation plus Fling, for example. Melv.P went with a single copy of Faith of the Devoted, which, all-told, requires only ten to thirteen mana (depending on if it was already in play), where Approach of the Second Sun required fourteen. It also has the advantage of simply being played for value.

The other big upgrade was Nimble Obstructionist, which actually does things in Standard right now. Shutting off Gate to the Afterlife, for example, is no small feat. Also, funnily enough, Nimble Obstructionist can be used to break up other New Perspectives decks if they have exactly seven cards in hand when they cycle. Nimble Obstructionist can counter the card drawing ability of cycling, since it's activated, keeping your opponent off seven cards and shutting off New Perspectives' cycling discount.

Melv.P's New Perspectives

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