The September 22, 2017 Update

Posted in Daily Magic Update on September 22, 2017

By Nicholas Wolfram

Nicholas Wolfram fell promptly in love with tabletop and video games when he was only two years old, and he has been writing about them since he figured out how words worked. Now he puts together words about Magic, which he started playing way back in 2000.

The Daily Magic Update is a roundup of everything Magic you should know on September 22, 2017. Today's Update is brought to you by Blake Ragemuffin . . . wait. That's not right. Rascalmuscle? Rasmussen? Razzmatazz? Well, whatever it is, he's back on Monday!

Today's Update is also brought to you by the Ixalan Prerelease, which starts this weekend at stores around the world! It's time to brave the unknown in a world of swashbuckling, dino-stampeding, and exploration!

Today's Must

  1. The Ixalan Prerelease Primer | ChannelFireball | Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa

Okay, this is the last Ixalan Prerelease Primer I will ever post, I promise. And to be fair, this one comes from one of the world's best players. Although you'd think one of the world's best players wouldn't forget to mention Prerelease snacks. Just goes to show even the top pros make mistakes sometimes.

After That, Read These

  1. Standard Revolution: Ixalan | MTG Mint Card | Lee Shi Tian

Lee Shi Tian looks at the cards Ixalan is bringing into Standard that will likely leave the biggest changes to the format. Since there are some outstanding Dinosaurs among them, this is definitely worth a read.

  1. The Ixalan Commander Review | | Sheldon Menery

The godfather of the format scrutinizes Ixalan and the value it will bring to Commander. Without spoiling too much, it should be no surprise that the set does pretty well. After all, Dinosaur Commander is now possible and Pirate Commander suddenly doesn't seem as forced. All that's left is some devoted Squirrel tribal support and all of my Commander dreams will have come true.

  1. Updating Ramunap Red with Ixalan | TCGplayer | Seth Manfield

Seth looks at a couple of the Ixalan cards Ramunap Red will want to be picking up if it hopes to stay at the top of the metagame. And yes, Lightning Strike is one of them.

  1. Ixalan Incoming! | MTG Mint Card | Huang Hao Shan

This is an unofficial companion piece to Emma Handy's article yesterday, with Huang Hao Shan bringing another unique perspective on Ixalan Prerelease as someone who already participated in one at the Pre-Prerelease.

  1. Ixalockdown | | Shaheen Soorani

Shaheen takes a crack at brewing the meanest Grixis (blue-black-red) control deck he can muster in Ixalan Standard.

What People Are Talking About

  1. Some official guidance on proper winner's etiquette

That's right: R&D is way ahead of you. However, if you do decide to break this particular guideline, please be sure to clean up after yourself. Or just don't break the guideline.

Deck of the Day

  1. Stelle101's Black-Red Aggro

Stelle101 took this deck 5-0 in a Standard Magic Online League recently. It uses a lot of the same tools as Ramunap Red, but without . . . well, Ramunap Ruins for one. You may also notice that the deck has taken advantage of the ability to use Ixalan reprints in Standard by moving Abrade to the sideboard in favor of Lightning Strike.

Stelle101's Black-Red Aggro

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