The October 24, 2017 Update

Posted in Daily Magic Update on October 24, 2017

By Blake Rasmussen

Blake is the content manager for, making him the one you should email if you have thoughts on the website, good or less good (or not good). He's a longtime coverage reporter and hasn't turned down a game of Magic in any format ever.

The Daily Magic Update is a roundup of everything Magic you should know on October 24, 2017. Today's Update is brought to you by Duel Decks: Goblins vs. Merfolk.

Today's Must

  1. LRRMtG — Ixalan Standard Scuffle | LoadingReadyRun

Four tribes, four players, 3 hours of gameplay featuring Pirates, Dinosaurs, Vampires, and Merfolk (oh my?) from the crew at LRR. Whether you missed the stream, just want to get ideas for your next FNM, or really want to see Merfolk vs. Dinosaurs, it's worth checking out.

After That, Read, Watch, or Listen to These

  1. The Modern Banned List Through a Former Developer's Eyes | | Peter Ingram

Ingram used to work in R&D, so this might give you some insight into what someone like Ingram (in this case, Ingram himself) thinks when he looks at the Modern banned list.

  1. Flashback to Innistrad | Men from MODO | Tomi Tuovinen and Travis Sowers

Magic Online is heading back to the original Innistrad for some drafts this week in what might be the most celebrated Limited format of all time. Get a refresher course (Travel Preparations) from the Men from MODO (Butcher's Cleaver plus Invisible Stalker) as they walk you through the finer points (Spider Spawning) of the spookiest of Draft formats.

  1. You Don't See That Everyday | PureMTGO | David Wright

You know what else you don't see every day? Pauper content. The Daily Update hasn't visited the world of Pauper in a while (we meant to call, but you know how it is), but Wright has some new technology (and some new old technology) he's found in online Pauper results. I can't pass that up.

  1. Drafting Ixalan with Pros #3 | Hareruya English | Jeremy Dezani

Martin Müller, Oliver Polak-Rottman, Márcio Carvalho, and Shuhei Nakamura—four of the best players in the world—disagree over a bunch of Ixalan Draft picks. Drafting is hard, yo.

Today's Weird Non-Magic Magic Video

  1. Magic: The Gathering Is the Greatest Game | Do Stuff

Am I recommending this video? Honestly, I have no idea. It's a YouTube channel by two women who live in South Korea and, well, do stuff. This video mostly features their friend Brian (I think?) rediscovering Magic. It's weird and kind of funny at times and—well—mostly I just had to make sure other people knew this video existed.

Top 25

  1. Literally Nothing Changes

Remember last week's Top 25? Then we're all good here.

Rank Name Points Change Previous
1 Paulo Vitor Damo Da Rosa 78.84 1
2 Reid Duke 75.42 2
3 Márcio Carvalho 74.42 3
4 Martin Jůza 72.85 4
5 Brad Nelson 70.99 5
6 William Jensen 69.28 6
7 Shota Yasooka 69.28 7
8 Yuuya Watanabe 66.28 8
9 Owen Turtenwald 66.13 9
10 Samuel Pardee 66.13 10
11 Seth Manfield 65.70 11
12 Kelvin Chew 63.28 12
13 Javier Dominguez 59.13 13
14 Lee Shi Tian 58.56 14
15 Samuel Black 54.99 15
16 Carlos Romão 54.56 16
17 Steven Rubin 54.42 17
18 Gerry Thompson 54.13 18
19 Martin Müller 53.13 19
20 Donald Smith 52.99 20
21 Christian Calcano 52.28 21
22 Eric Froehlich 51.42 22
23 Brian Braun-Duin 51.28 23
24 Corey Baumeister 51.14 24
25 Ken Yukuhiro 50.99 25

What People Are Talking About

Congratulations to Archive Trap and to Jay Annelli on two years of revisiting lore. Check out Jay's full thread for more background on Archive Trap's two years.

We've also got another team revealed! Team Face to Face Games is full of Hall of Fame pros, complete ringers, a rising star, and one top chef (he's also pretty good at Magic).

Deck of the Day

  1. Standard Mono-Black Aggro

Look, I'm as confused as you are, but it turns out there might be a viable mono-black aggro deck in the format. Just ask Magic Online player Isolating, who went 7-1 in this past weekend's Standard Magic Online Championship Series tournament.

That record in this tournament is an indication that Isolating is on to something. Black has been getting some very aggressive creatures lately, and it looks like they might finally add up to something. Night Market Lookout, Dread Wanderer, and Vicious Conquistador all hit for "2" as one-drops—that's more hard-hitting one-drops than red has—and Night Market Lookout can even keep pinging away by helping to crew some Vehicles.

Supernatural Stamina is the real oddball, acting as extra damage, a way to save your creatures, and a combat trick, all in one.

Finally, tying it all together is the latest Dark Confidant variant, Ruin Raider. I'm a little surprised not to see Glint-Sleeve Siphoner in here, but I suppose with no other energy production, it becomes a bit unreliable as a source of cards. Meanwhile, Ruin Raider would probably have a difficult time not drawing extra cards in a deck like this.

Isolating's Standard Mono-Black Aggro

Download Arena Decklist

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