The November 7, 2017 Update

Posted in Daily Magic Update on November 7, 2017

By Blake Rasmussen

Blake is the content manager for, making him the one you should email if you have thoughts on the website, good or less good (or not good). He's a longtime coverage reporter and hasn't turned down a game of Magic in any format ever.

The Daily Magic Update is a roundup of everything Magic you should know on November 7, 2017. Today's Update is brought to you by voting, a thing you should be doing today.

Top 25

  1. A New No. 1—again!

Just after Reid Duke staked a claim for the Peach Garden Oath as the No. 1 player in the world, he's making room for our newest Pro Tour Champion and No. 1–ranked player in the world: Seth Manfield!

Manfield was already ranked 11th in the world, so a Pro Tour victory was enough to catapult him to the top of the standings. His lead is sizeable, so don’t expect him to be dethroned any time soon.

Going down the list, the Pro Tour gave us a bunch of shifts and new players. Duke slid to 2nd, sure, but his PGO brothers—William Jensen and Owen Turtenwald—both picked up points falling just short of the Top 8, and now the PGO is fully three-fifths of the Top 5.

Meanwhile, Mike Sigrist and Pascal Maynard turned Top 8 berths into entrances into our rankings, and Matthew Nass and Alexander Hayne both used strong performances at the Pro Tour to join them in the Top 25.

That means four players drop out: Gerry Thompson, Donald Smith, Ken Yukuhiro, and Eric Froehlich tumble out of the rankings.

Rank Name Points Change Previous
1 Seth Manfield 88.48 +10 11
2 Reid Duke 83.20 -1 1
3 Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa 76.41 -1 2
4 William Jensen 73.28 +2 6
5 Owen Turtenwald 73.25 +2 7
6 Márcio Carvalho 72.43 -3 3
7 Martin Jůza 69.74 -3 4
8 Kelvin Chew 69.51 +4 12
9 Samuel Pardee 68.47 +1 10
10 Brad Nelson 68.00 -5 5
11 Shota Yasooka 67.73 -3 8
12 Yuuya Watanabe 61.73 -3 9
13 Lee Shi Tian 61.01 13
14 Mike Sigrist 56.84 NR
15 Javier Dominguez 56.03 -1 14
16 Christian Calcano 55.28 16
17 Brian Braun-Duin 55.06 +1 18
18 Samuel Black 54.78 -3 15
19 Pascal Maynard 53.60 NR
20 Corey Baumeister 53.59 +3 23
21 Matthew Nass 53.30 NR
22 Martin Müller 53.03 -1 21
23 Carlos Romao 51.79 -6 17
24 Alexander Hayne 51.57 NR
25 Steven Rubin 51.54 -6 19

Dropped from rankings: Gerry Thompson, Donald Smith, Ken Yukuhiro, and Eric Froehlich

Today’s Musts

  1. Enter the Battlefield(s)

With all of the Pro Tour videos going up on YouTube today, I know a number of you will be exploring the tournament’s videos for the first time. Might I make a recommendation? We have two lovely vintages for you, both from Enter the Battlefield. The first is on our new World Champion, William Jensen, and is simply titled “Huey." It’s sweet, it's touching, and it goes down smiling.

The second is a newer vintage, highlighting the Team World Championship won by Musashi. It’s robust and full-bodied, with an international flavor.

Also, Read, Watch, or Listen to These

  1. The Winners From Pro Tour Ixalan | StarCityGames | Jadine Klomparens

Klomparens covers the big winners and losers from the Pro Tour. Besides Seth Manfield.

  1. My Playgroup Always Targets Me First | The Command Zone | Jimmy Wong and Josh Lee Kwai

Me too, guys. Me too.

This episode, despite the title, is actually reader-submitted questions answered by our intrepid hosts. The title is one such question—though one I certainly need the answer to as well.

  1. Draw-Perfect Temur | ChannelFireball | Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa

Team ChannelFireball took a risk with a strained mana base—but it paid off in spades. They might have only come in second as a team (to Team Genesis), but it took a Pro Tour win from Seth Manfield to displace what was otherwise a powerhouse outing from the ChannelFireball crew. Here, Paulo details the deck that helped them get there.

  1. Creating a Commander League | The Bros. War | Ryan and AJ Greene

I struggled with this back in my pre-WotCStaff days, and got one going for a little bit at my local Iowa City store first, then in Austin as well. The Greenes have compiled some tips, tricks, and rules to help you form your own Commander league and make it more successful than any of mine ever were.

What to Watch Tonight

  1. Vintage Super League | | 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET/midnight UTC

We’ve got about a month of Super Leaguing left before the season ends, so strap in, queue up the VSL, and start forming opinions about Mishra’s Workshop.

What People Are Talking About

Unstable previews start Monday! My mind is ready! So is my body! All of me is ready! I don’t know why I divided the two!

  1. Unstable and Cube

My feet are ready! My face is ready! My hands are ready! My elbows are strangely reluctant . . .

But yeah, there’s a ton of cool Cube stuff in the set. Un-sets were never my jam before. Unstable definitely is. I have a cube that started as a Modern Masters cube and eventually became a “cards I like” cube, and Unstable has a number of cards I’ve already mentally slotted into that cube.

Deck of the Day

  1. Standard Mono-White Vampires

The surprise deck of Pro Tour Ixalan wasn’t in the Top 8, but it might have been the most successful deck at the tournament.

Mono-White Vampires, of all things, was played by only a handful of players, but they all found success with it. All five players who played the deck made Day 2, and Wilson Hunter finished 9-1 with the list below.

Yeah, 9-1.

That should make you sit up and take notice, especially when the deck packs cards like Duskborne Skymarcher and Adanto Vanguard and Aviary Mechanic and finds that much success.

At its core, the deck is a tokens deck, but unlike the Anointed Procession decks, this list is looking to make tokens quickly and efficiently and then pump them up for the win. Angel of Invention and Shefet Dunes often herald the end, but it’s Oketra’s Monument that really gives the deck its power.

This deck is unique in that it’s probably the most Ixalan-based deck in the format, which means it’s likely to only get better when Rivals of Ixalan adds even more Vampires to the format.

You can also check out the Pro Tour deck tech with Phillip Braverman (same deck) right here:

Wilson Hunter’s Mono-White Vampires

Download Arena Decklist

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