Dark Goblins

Posted in Arcana on October 11, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

Onslaught's Festering Goblin gets some attention because it is a color that normally isn't associated with its creature type -- a black Goblin. But is it the first black goblin? No.

There were two multicolored goblins in The Dark, Scarwood Goblins and Marsh Goblins. These cards are significant for several reason.

  • They were the first multicolored creatures printed that were not creature type Legend.
  • They were the first black and green Goblins. To date, there is still no other green Goblin in Magic (so much for the Spider-Man deck).
  • For some reason, unlike gold cards before and after them, they have "reminder text" regarding how to handle their two-colored nature.
  • They were not part of a five-card cycle. They, along with the enchantment Dark Heart of the Wood, were the only multicolored cards in the set. To make room for them, there was one fewer black, green, and red common in The Dark.

Nowadays these cards pale beside more recent two-mana gold creatures like Spined Sliver and Shivan Zombie, but they're still fun to throw into your Goblin deck for old times' sake!

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