Posted in NEWS on March 9, 2014

By Adam Styborski

Stybs has played Magic the world over, writing and drafting as part of the event coverage team and slinging Commander everywhere his decks will fit.

Classifying 443 decks takes some time, but I'm sure you think it was worth it.

Making Day 2 of the largest Constructed Grand Prix in history was no easy feat. Each of the three flights was as large as many Grand Prix themselves, and the diversity of facing anything means getting to the magic two losses or less line was a fight from start to finish. At the start od today this is what the field looked like:

Archetype % of Field
Affinity 13.54%
Melira Pod 10.38%
Storm 5.64%
Jund 5.19%
Merfolk 4.74%
WUR Control 4.29%
GB Obliterator Rock 4.06%
UR Twin 4.06%
Tarmo-Twin 4.06%
WUR Midrange 3.61%
Hexproof Auras 3.39%
Big Zoo 3.16%
GB Rock 3.16%
Burn 2.93%
RG Tron 2.93%
Kiki Pod 2.26%
WUR Twin 2.26%
Ad Nauseam 2.03%
Living End 2.03%
Little Zoo 1.81%
Scapeshift 1.58%
8 Rax 1.35%
Infect 1.35%
WB Tokens 1.13%
4-Color Gifts 0.90%
UB Faeries 0.90%
Death and Taxes 0.68%
Soul Sisters 0.68%
UR Delver 0.68%
WG Aggro 0.68%
Blue Moon 0.45%
Junk 0.45%
Mono-Black 0.90%
Tin Fins (Reanimator) 0.45%
4-Color Zoo 0.23%
Dedgevine 0.23%
Domain Zoo 0.23%
Egg-Tron 0.23%
Elves 0.23%
Esper Mill 0.23%
Goblins 0.23%
Grixis Control 0.23%
Mono-Red Control 0.23%
WUR Delver 0.23%

Affinity, clocking in at sixty players, was a somewhat surprising find but the uptick in Melira Pod and Storm and the surge of Tarmo-Twin after their high-profile finishes at Pro Tour Born of the Gods was a reassuring reflection. Shaun McLaren's victory with WUR Control may have influenced adopters of it's more aggressive WUR Midrange flavor, and combined the two WUR decks represent 8% of the metagame, a firm fourth overall.




What was third? The combined forces of all flavors of Splinter Twin decks – Tarmo-Twin, WUR Twin, and UR Twin – equaled Melira Pod alone. For Pod, tacking Kiki Pod onto Melira Pod yielded 12.6% of Day 2 and still just shy of Affinity.




The two flavors of GB Rock – the one with and the one without Phyrexian Obliterator – combined for fifth overall at 7.2%. Rounding out the top ten archetypes were Storm at sixth edging out Jund, Zoo (all flavors combined), Merfolk, and Hexproof Auras.

Top 10 Archytpes
Affinity 13.54%
Pod 12.64%
Twin 10.38%
WUR 7.90%
GB Rock 7.22%
Storm 5.64%
Jund 5.19%
Zoo 5.19%
Merfolk 4.74%
Hexproof Auras 3.39%


After those ten groups the percentages start to get too small to really look at, but as a cross-section of diversity for an Eternal format it works well. "Classical" strategies like Burn to more modern inventions like Living End, Scapeshift, RG Tron, WB Tokens, and Gifts Ungiven decks all made it to Day 2. There was even two non-Merfolk tribal decks – Goblins and Elves – on the roster.

Undefeated Day 1 Decks

Looking at the Day 1 undefeated decks with respect to the metagame breakdown reveals some interesting twists. Two Scapeshift players went perfect, but there were only seven total to make it to Day 2. One Kiki Pod players was also perfect, but just ten managed to return today.

Day 1 Undefeated
Archetype Undefeated Day 2 Total
Melira Pod 3 46
Merfolk 2 21
Scapeshift 2 7
Jund 1 23
Kiki Pod 1 10
Tarmo-Twin 1 17
Storm 1 25
GB Obliterator Rock 1 18

From this angle it looks like Scapeshift was well-positioned against the field, but more data would be needed to know for certain. (Both Scapeshift and Merfolk were the last undefeated decks going into Round 13.) Something else that's interesting is the most represented deck in Day 2 – Affinity – isn't among the undefeated. There was at least one vying for that right in Round 9.

It's still an open field for Top 8 contention, and three more rounds are needed until the dust settles.