Day 2 Metagame Breakdown

Posted in NEWS on June 22, 2014

By Rusty Kubis

Heading into Day two of Grand Prix Chicago the usual suspects have emerged as the most popular archetypes of the tournament.

Black Devotion 46
Blue Devotion 42
WU Control 25
Jund Monsters 22
Boros Burn 20
WB Midrange 20
Black Aggro 8
Boss Sligh 7
Esper Control 7
Junk Midrange 5
Naya Aggro 5
White Weenie 5
Other 27

Black Devotion, Blue Devotion and WU Control accounted for nearly 50% of the day two metagame while Boros Burn remained about 8% of the field despite taking down Grand Prix Moscow seven days ago.

Two decks have seen a notable increase in numbers over the last week, Blue Devotion and WB Midrange. Blue Devotion has seen a major rise in popularity due to its great matchup against red decks which were expected to be a large part of the field. Not coincidently, many professionals have been wielding copies of Thassa and Master of Waves this weekend. WB Midrange decks nearly doubled in popularity because of recent success on Magic Online, opting to have a strong game plan against Black Devotion and WU Control over red based archetypes.

The gangs all here. Which of these time tested strategies will rise to the top and claim victory at Grand Prix Chicago?