Erin Campbell’s Ironroot Chef Decklist

Posted in Daily Deck on September 16, 2014

By Adam Prosak

From Friday Night Magic to the Pro Tour, Adam Prosak loves all types of tournament Magic. Currently, Adam is working in R&D as a developer.

At the Community Cup, members of the Magic Community play against members of Wizards of the Coast across a variety of wacky and crazy formats. This year, one of those formats was Ironroot Chef Standard, where each player was given a set of cards from which to build a flavorful deck. Then each player received points based on the flavor of his or her deck in addition to their performance over three rounds of play against members of the other team.

Erin Campbell decided to build her deck around Athreos, God of Passage and included cards that dealt with worshipping Athreos and other cards related to the Underworld. Erin’s deck focused heavily on Theros block and its story. Many cards in the deck regulate the passage to and from the Underworld. While staying flavorful, Erin focused on the constellation theme present among Athreos’s story. This earned her maximum flavor points while maintaining a strong enough deck to win matches against the Wizards team.

Erin Campbell’s Athreos Ironroot Chef

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