Legacy Infect

Posted in Daily Deck on September 19, 2014

By Adam Prosak

From Friday Night Magic to the Pro Tour, Adam Prosak loves all types of tournament Magic. Currently, Adam is working in R&D as a developer.

A few months ago, Infect was a strategy that lived on the fringe of the Legacy format, and was rarely seen at a high level. However, a few high-profile finishes have transformed the alternative win condition into a mainstream strategy with quite a decent resume. First, Tom Ross won a StarCityGames Invitational with his Infect deck. This past weekend, both Brad Nelson and Todd Anderson reached the elimination rounds of a StarCityGames Open with Infect, firmly establishing it as a deck to beat in Legacy.

The core is a fast combo deck that can play an Infect creature on turn one or two, and then make it 10 power via cards such as Invigorate, Vines of Vastwood, and Berserk. Glistener Elf, Invigorate, and Berserk combine for a potential turn-two kill! Throw in the ability to protect this kill with Force of Will and Daze and the opponent often has to play against the potential for you to win very quickly.

When the opponent has to respect your ability to win quickly, this deck is great at whittling down opposing defenses while maintaining flexibility. Cards such as Noble Hierarch and Pendelhaven increase your clock at a very low cost. Even the pump spells provide some versatility. Vines of Vastwood can be used to protect from opposing removal, and Invigorate can counteract a burn spell if need be. Don't be surprised if Infect starts showing up to Legacy tournaments near you!

Brad Nelson's Simic Infect

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