RG Beatdown at Pro Tour Khans of Tarkir

Posted in Daily Deck on October 22, 2014

By Shuhei Nakamura

I am sympathetic to people who feel that an ordinary beatdown deck is too simplistic but also don't want to go with Green Devotion-style decks because they're too top-heavy. I too have felt that way for a long time. If you're of a similar mind, I recommend for you Benjamin Weitz's RG deck.

While the basic structure of using mana creatures to accelerate into Polukranos, World Eater is the same as a Green Devotion deck, in terms of speed the deck is a completely different animal with the addition of what is probably the best three-mana aggro creature, Goblin Rabblemaster, and the walking burn spell known as Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker. There has been some debate as to whether Stormbreath Dragon or Sarkhan is better; this deck chooses not to take sides by putting as many copies of both in.

Normally, a build with seven copies of cards in the five-mana range would be seen as way too slow, but with a total of eleven mana creatures it's not a problem for this deck. The hasty creatures will do an efficient job of whittling down the opponent's life, and that will put him or her into range of the four Crater's Claws included as burn spells.

It feels really good to go Dragon, Dragon, Crater's Claws.

Benjamin Weitz's RG

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