The Dealt Damage Deals

Posted in Arcana on May 20, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

One of the little clues that a card has a triggered ability is when the rules text begins with "Whenever". We've run a few searches and estimate that over 750 cards begin with that Magic word. However, of those, there have only been 17 that use the trigger: Whenever X is dealt damage. The most popular first appearance of this trigger was on the Alpha Fungusaur which says... "Each time Fungusaur is damaged but not destroyed, put a +1/+1 counter on it."

Fifth Dawn adds another similar trigger as today's preview card Rite of Passage (featured in Mark Gottlieb's article "It Can't Be Wrong If It Feels So Rite") shares this rare Fungusaur-like ability.

As a tribute to all of the cards that react to being dealt damage, today's Arcana presents:

Whenever It Is Dealt Damage!

1 Binding Agony Enchant Creature
2 Broodhatch Nantuko Creature - Insect Druid
3 Death Pits of Rath Enchantment
4 Druid's Call Enchant Creature
5 Filthy Cur Creature - Hound
6 Fungusaur Creature - Fungusaur
7 Grollub Creature - Beast
8 Jackal Pup Creature - Hound
9 Mogg Maniac Creature - Goblin
10 Mortal Wound Enchant Creature
11 Phyrexian Negator Creature - Horror
12 Repercussion Enchantment
13 Saber Ants Creature - Insect
14 Shriveling Rot Instant
15 Soul Link Enchant Creature
16 Thrashing Mudspawn Creature - Beast
17 Wall of Hope Creature - Wall

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