December State of the Beta: GRN Bot Personalities Breakdown

Posted in NEWS on December 12, 2018

By Chris Clay

Introducing GRN Draft Bot Personalities

"Iroas and Mogis are as different in appearance as they are in personality"

One of the persistent issues we've had with our draft bots is that up until this point you've essentially been sitting down at a table with 7 clones, not just one time, but every time. The randomness within each draft booster helps to keep things variable but over time the correct paths for drafts become pretty obvious. We've addressed this to some extent with improved balancing of the bot's pick values and adjusting them over time, but that's always been a stop-gap measure. In order to really address this, we needed to go further.

With this release, we’ve given the bots drafting Guilds of Ravnica personalities. This means that for GRN drafts you’ll be sitting down with a table of random bot personalities that each value color combinations differently. For GRN this includes bots that prefer each of the guilds, as well as some bots that prefer Abzan, Jeskai, Naya, and more. Some of the bots also have no color preference and are equally open to all possibilities. For all the personalities, including the no preference bots, we've added a little randomness on the top for each of their picks as well. We believe this introduces a healthy level of variability into each draft and should keep the drafts more interesting. We’ll be keeping a close eye on what the bots are doing, and we look forward to hearing about your experiences and suggestions for further improvements.

With these changes, it now becomes harder to force a color pair every draft to great success as depending on who is at the table different colors will be open in each draft. Like any draft you can force a color pair, but stay open and sending/reading signs can greatly improve the quality of your deck. While we've done plenty of testing to refine the values to make this a good experience, we can only cover a tiny fraction of the drafts that are done on the live game. Please use this thread to provide feedback on our successes, failures, oddities, and anything else you'd like to share. We expect to see cases in this new world where you're passed a great rare p1p1, because the bot passing to you picked a common from a color they value, for example, it won't happen all the time, but it can happen now. Again, please share your crazy bots stories with us!

These bots will be live in the Traditional GRN Draft queue starting 12/14 and we plan to have them go live as part of the Ranked GRN Quick Draft event starting 12/21 assuming all goes well. Once we know more about their behavior in GRN draft we'll look to add them into all the other draft formats as well.