Decks of the Week: 11/13/2008

Posted in Decks of the Week on November 13, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

Hey, it's decks of the week, and BOY have we got decks for you today! After hours and hours of toil, the coverage staff has managed to provide you with all of the decklists from Pro Tour–Berlin! You can find the Top 8 and Day 2 lists on the official event coverage page (or in last week's Decks of the Week); the remainder of the Day 1 lists are presented below. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for all the cool concoctions that just missed the fame and glory of the second day of competition, including a Battle of Wits list!

Adding to the Berlin Pro Tour decks are a host of lists from the public events area of that tournament. Legacy, Extended, Standard, you won't want to miss the awesome lists that sent many a player home from Germany with awesome prizes outside the Pro Tour's main event.

The Legion Events' Cruise Qualifier season adds another event this week. You can read more about The Magic Cruise on the official Legion Events Cruise page. It's a pretty awesome opportunity to enjoy a tropical cruise and Magic all at the same time! Make sure to check it out, and enjoy the decklists below. Plus, if you can't find a tournament being hosted in your local area, you can play a qualifier on Magic Online. Read more information on that exciting announcement from Mike Gills here.

The PTQ Kyoto season took a breather this past weekend so that TOs all across North America could bring their players the 2008 State Championships. Lists have started pouring in from all over. Which deck reigned supreme? Faeries? Five Color Control? The new Planeswalker deck first previewed at Berlin? We've got a host of lists for you to enjoy, with more to come in the following weeks!

And of course Magic Online held a host of Premier Events over the past week. We've got those updates for your viewing pleasure, and pay particular attention to the Shards of Alara Release Championship event. There is a draft viewer for that Top 8 that you can find here. And be aware that qualifier tournaments for the upcoming Onslaught-Legions-Scourge Sealed tournament are happening now! Don't miss out on your chance to play, and find out more information here.

That's a lot of information to digest, so what are you waiting for? Get crackin'!

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