Decks of the Week: 2/12/2009

Posted in Decks of the Week on February 12, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

Magic Online has kicked into high gear as players' mouths water over the impending release of Conflux to the digital pantheon. Of course, we here at Decks of the Week have the best jumping off points for building new decks in the world of Conflux Standard, Extended, Shards of Alara Block, and more.

First up, Standard lists. Is Five Color Control on top? Or have players started playing Faeries for fear the blue menace will soon be put out by cards like Volcanic Fallout and Scattershot Archer? Of course, there's always room for innovation. With an Aggro Bant deck taking home the blue envelope in a recent Extended PTQ for Honolulu, there's no doubt the second set in the Shards of Alara block will bring plenty of format-altering cards and interactions to the world of Standard.

Then of course we have Extended and Shards of Alara Block lists to discuss. Find out what's winning in the online world of Magic Extended, then use the technology to take home the top slot at your upcoming Pro Tour Qualifier for Honolulu. Or, take a look at what the Shards of Alara Block format looks like before Conflux hits!

Speaking of which, Magic Online isn't the only world where tournaments are heating up! The Pro Tour Qualifier-Honolulu season has kicked into high gear, and we'll have a super showing of decklists in the next installation of Decks of the Week, including those from the Game in the Gulf Magic Cruise! In the meanwhile, you can find out where the next PTQ located near you is with this link.

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