Decks of the Week: 2/19/2009

Posted in Decks of the Week on February 19, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

The Game in the Gulf Magic Cruise has come and gone, and boy are my legs tired! Er...wait, what was that? Deck lists, right.

Decks of the Week has so many Top 8s in this installment we almost didn't have enough room for everything! Of course, since you've come to expect the very best on Thursday, we aim to please and worked extra hard to make sure everything got squeezed in. So what do you want to start with? Let's look at Magic Online.

Standard showcases more than 20 Premier Event Top 8s, which means dozens of deck lists for you! Now is the time to get them too, considering Conflux is nearly available for online play. You've got tons of information to peruse to help you determine which decks are going to be your best jumping off points for including brand new cards in an effort to gain an edge against the field. Of course, Shards of Alara Block Constructed is also in its infancy and no doubt soon to be shaken up as well. We've got all those lists for you too!

But what would Magic Online be without those wackier formats? This week it's a Prismatic event, which you'll certainly want to check out to see what happens when player's use their creativity in conjunction with additional deck building constraints. And of course, there are the older formats too. Classic and Extended both ring in with scores of deck lists to scope out before your next big Premier Event online.

Speaking of Extended, the Pro Tour Qualifer season for Honolulu has shifted into high gear! Scope out the latest PTQ Top 8 lists for a gander at what decks are resurgent and which are earning the blue envelopes. Plus, keep a close eye out for new entrant to the metagame: Bant Aggro. Finally, if you still haven't figured out where your upcoming PTQ is going to be held, check out the official PTQ schedule.

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