October 24, 2014

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By Wizards of the Coast

The Standard metagame featuring Khans of Tarkir has continued to develop after the Pro Tour, as Grand Prix Los Angeles made clear. While Jeskai and Abzan were the clans to watch out for at the Pro Tour two weeks ago, LA was a different matter. Abzan made a sizable appearance, but so did Mardu, and the final match of the main event featured Mono-Red Aggro against the classic Red-Green Monsters archetype.

Meanwhile, the Pro Tour Qualifier season feeding Pro Tour Fate Reforged continued. We've got some more Top 8 Draft decklists featuring the new set for your viewing pleasure. Remember, this PTQ season continues until November 29, so if you'd like a shot at joining the world's top players on the Pro Tour main stage in Washington DC, February 6–8, 2015, be sure to find a PTQ near you!

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