August 22, 2014

Posted in ARCHIVES - ARTICLES on August 22, 2014

By Wizards of the Coast

Last weekend was a mixture of Standard and Modern for many, with the first round of 2014 World Magic Cup Qualifiers running alongside the Pro Tour Qualifier season. For many, that meant a chance to compete in both formats, as many tournament organizers for last weekend's WMCQs ran a PTQ on the adjacent day, giving players more great events to try and qualify for.

The WMCQ Standard Top 8 decklists are starting to trickle in. We've got a small sample of them available for you this week and look forward to bringing you more next week.

The Pro Tour Qualifier season tied to Pro Tour Khans of Tarkir is winding down, as players spend these final weeks in hopes that their Modern decks will earn them a coveted invitation and airfare to Honolulu. With many of last weekend's PTQs coinciding with WMCQs on the adjacent day, the competition was fierce. Remember, if you want a chance to compete on the Pro Tour, be sure to find a Pro Tour Qualifier near you.

WMCQ Top 8 Decklists

PTQ Top 8 Decklists