August 8, 2014

Posted in ARCHIVES - ARTICLES on August 8, 2014

By Wizards of the Coast

The culmination of the 2013–2014 Premier Play season took place last weekend in Portland, Oregon, where players brought their best Magic 2015 Booster Draft strategies and Standard decks to battle. Pro Players Club statuses were set, World Championship seats were decided, and Ivan Floch of Slovakia hoisted the trophy above his head after the dust settled, thanks in part to his White-Blue Control deck.

His win condition? Inevitability. His deck's Elixir of Immortality ensured that he could never run out of cards, but if he was looking for a quick way to end things, Jace, Architect of Thought grabbing a win condition out of the opponent's deck worked quite well, too. You can take a look at Floch's winning deck, as well plenty of other great decks and stories, at the Pro Tour Magic 2015 coverage page.

The Pro Tour Qualifier season took a break during the Pro Tour weekend. However, we do have some new decklists sent in from the week of July 26, which you can find links to below. And if you're looking to compete on the Pro Tour stage in Honolulu, Hawaii, be sure to find a Pro Tour Qualifier near you.

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