November 7, 2014

Posted in Decks of the Week on November 7, 2014

By Wizards of the Coast

Two Grand Prix took place on two different hemispheres last weekend. While Grand Prix Santiago was all about Standard, Grand Prix Nashville was a first look into the Khans of Tarkir Team Sealed format.

In Santiago, many regular archetypes made their appearance, as expected, but decks based on Whip of Erebos were the ones that made their big show. Eduardo dos Santos Vieira of Brazil battled his way through 642 other players with his Abzan/graveyard-themed deck, highlighting powerful creatures like Hornet Queen recurring with Whip of Erebos alongside Magic 2015 Limited powerhouse Soul of Theros.

Speaking of powerhouses, Nashville was a hotbed of pro player activity, with the Top 4 teams featuring twelve players who had at least one thing in common: a minimum of one Grand Prix Top 8 each. When the dust settled, it was the west-coast contingent of Matt Nass, Jacob Wilson, and Jesse Hampton that hoisted the trophies in Tennessee.

We're nearing the final weeks of the Pro Tour Qualifier season for Pro Tour Fate Reforged as well. There are still plenty of invitations to the Pro Tour to win. Be sure to find a PTQ near you and we hope to see you in Washington DC in February!

Grand Prix Santiago

Grand Prix Nashville

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