Download Your Commander 2014 Decklists

Posted in NEWS on November 7, 2014

Below are the decklists for Commander: 2014 Edition, released Friday, November 7 on Magic Online. If you wish to import any of the decklists to Magic Online, simply click the download button to get a .txt version of the deck.

Then, in Magic Online, go to the Collection Scene and click the button in the lower left-hand corner.

Click the, "Import," button.

And select the .txt file you downloaded earlier. Make sure you mark that you're playing a Commander deck!

Then choose your Commander. Keep in mind, the Planeswalker Commanders are awesome, but you can choose any Legendary Creature to be your Commander.

Once chosen, drag your Commander into the section pictured below.

And you're ready to play!

Forged in Stone

Download Arena Decklist

Peer Through Time

Download Arena Decklist

Sworn to Darkness

Download Arena Decklist

Built from Scratch

Download Arena Decklist

Guided by Nature

Download Arena Decklist
Planeswalker (1)
1 Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury
Instant (2)
1 Fresh Meat 1 Harrow
100 Cards