Draft One: Nicolas Labarre

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Nicolas Labarre fixed his colors early on with a first pick Invigorate and a second pick Thunderclap, backed up by Gerrard's Irregulars. He also took a Vine Trellis over an Enslaved horror and fixed Olivier Ruel (to his left) in black, having already passed him a Deepwood Legate. He went on to draft a Kyren Glider and a Battle Rampart, (which he took over a second invigorate.) At the end of booster one Nicolas was on Red/Green, Olivier Ruel to his left on White/Black and Jain Marko Cicin on his right drafting White/Blue.

Nic's nemesis booster only had 2 on color cards for him and he took a Seal of Strength over the Animate Land. The next booster had only one on color card, which was seal of fire, Olivier having drafted the Saproling Burst. With his colors fairly well fixed he was passed a third pick Flowstone Slide, assuring him that neither of the two players to his left were drafting red. Nick went on to draft a Mogg Toady and a Mogg Catcher (which he took over a Flowstone Strike.) He also took a Laccolith Grunt over a Flowstone Crusher, obviously wanting to reduce his mana curve into a quick beat down deck. The next booster contained very little in his colors the best option being a Laccolith Whelp, which he took over the Lawbringer. A Treetop Bracers and the Animate Land from his original booster both came his way, as well as a late pick Flame Rift. At the end of booster two, Nicolas still looked comfortable in Red/Green, with Olivier having drafted a few solid green and blue cards, looking open on his second color, and Jain having taken some of the red cards passed by Nicolas, including Flowstone Crusher and Flowstone Strike.

Nic's prophecy booster had some solid beatdown in the form of Spur Grappler and Chimeric Idol, but he took the Rhystic Lightning preferring the burn to the monsters. Nic was then passed a very solid set of beatdown creatures including Lesser Gargadon, two Spur Grappler, Silt Crawler and four Pygmy Razor backs. Olivier settled back into his white black and Jain taking as much good red and blue as he could, had the option of going Blue/White or White/Red.