Posted in NEWS on March 16, 2014

By Adam Styborski

Stybs has played Magic the world over, writing and drafting as part of the event coverage team and slinging Commander everywhere his decks will fit.

The last undefeated player was as close to Top 8 as you get three rounds out from the end of Swiss. Daniel Fournier had been triumphant so far in Born of the Gods Limited, and we wanted to peek inside the process for the current "King of the Hill" and see how he's been handling the drafts today.

Daniel Fournier was at the top of the tide of wins, remaining undefeated through both Day 1 and the first draft of Day 2 at Grand Prix Montreal.


What did you draft at the start of the day?


"I drafted red-white, not particularly heroic," Fournier said. "Basically I noticed red and white were very open. I like the archetype and it was basically handed to me: I got like an eleventh pick Thunderous Might. I think that cards like top two or top three cards in the set."

How did that go?

"In packs two and three I opened Anax and Cymede and was passed a fourth pick Spear of Heliod. It looked like I was the only person at the table in those colors. I worked out well."

Did you have a plan for the second draft?

"I had talked with Alexander Hayne before sitting down for the second and he reminded me I 'just' have to 1-2 the draft," Fournier said. "I've never really attempted to do that before – I've never been in the winning position. So I did what I was used to and kept in mind I wanted a consistent deck: one or two colors, not being greedy. Otherwise, I don't like forcing archetypes in a draft."

And how did that go?

"Average; a little awkward.," Fournier admitted. "Red seemed open to me in pack one, but red is bad in Theros and very good in Born of the Gods. I'm fairly certain I passed the guy to the left of me into red, and it seemed like I was getting cut very hard. Fortunately I was able to pick up some good blue cards in pack two."

You had a second pick Mogis, God of Slaughter. Were you tempted at all to go for black-red?


"I thought about it," Fournier said. "I play black-red in practice, and I lose with it. The card forces you into the black-red strategy that's unfortunately mediocre. Unlike Xenagos, God of Revels and some of the other Gods the static ability isn't as good. Sometimes it's just '2 you.' and it's just mediocre."


Were you surprised how quickly white and red dried up in the second pack?

"Not really. The plan was by the end of pack one was to figure out what color was open and being passed to me in pack two. I thought it was white because I was passed Phalanx Leader – I wanted white. But that wasn't the case."

What led you to commit to blue?

"Good blue cards were going late. A lot of these packs had Voyage's End, Griptide, and a playable blue creature. With that density I felt it was the best color. Plus you can play a bunch of reasonable blue and red cards and win. Voyage's End is insane."



Late in pack three you had a choice between Ordeal of Purphoros and Lightning Strike. Why did you go with Ordeal?



"That was the difficult one," Fournier said. When he saw the pack is had to put it down and think, unlike the rest of his picks throughout the draft. "Generally, I would want the Lighting Strike at that point. I was kind of low on burn spells and burn's good. I think I had two Triton Fortune Hunters and I needed more ways to trigger them. Ordeal of Purphoros is obviously one of the best ways to do that."

How do you feel about your deck this time?

"Much less happy than the first one. I couldn't have asked of better first draft. This is like a 6, or maybe a 7. I'm not confident, but I guess it's fine."

Daniel Fournier went on win Round 13 and secure a Top 8 berth for Grand Prix Montreal.