Posted in NEWS on March 23, 2014

By Oliver Gehrmann

The very first draft pod features the last 4 undefeated players remaining in competition this weekend - Christian Seibold, Jeremy Dezani, Raphaël Lévy and Johan Verhulst - as well as Andrea Mengucci, Tom Böttcher, Alexis Martinez and Aleksa Telarov.

We'll now be looking the shoulder of the current leader of the Top 25 ranking, Jeremy Dezani and see how his draft will go.

His first pack featured Oreskos Sun Guide and Acolyte's Reward and Dezani quickly moved them to the front. That changed when he saw Tromokratis, however, and he eventually stuck with the blue Kraken.

The second pack featured a Nyxborn Wolf, Raised by Wolves, Pheres-Band Raiders, Champion of Stray Souls and few viable choices for blue. Dezani seemed confident that green would pair up nicely with blue, so he put Raised by Wolves and the Pheres-Band Raiders to the top. He picked Raised by Wolves and passed the remaining cards.

The draft was temporarily paused because of some issue at another table. Dezani focused again and he then saw Great Hart, Retraction Helix, Thassa's Rebuff and quite a few white cards, but the Retraction Helix quickly moved to the top. He picked it over Satyr Wayfinder, his second best option according to the order of cards.

Dezani received Pheres-Band Tromper, another Retraction Helix, Karametra's Favor, Skyreaping, another Great Hart, and he added a second copy of the Helix.

The next pack featured Aspect of Hydra, Chorus of the Tides, Odunos River Trawler, Cyclops of One-Eyed Pass and that didn't even seem close; Dezani quickly chose Chorus of the Tides.

9 cards remaining, God-Favored General, Springleaf Drum, Floodtide Serpent and Dezani added Springleaf Drum.

Another Chorus of the Tides, a Satyr Wayfinder, Nyxborn Shieldmate and once again, Chorus of the Tides got added.

Dezani now received Satyr Wayfinder, Nullify and he picked the blue spell. There were also 3 black cards remaining in the pack, but Dezani didn't seem to consider them.

Mortal's Ardor was one of the cards in the next pack, but Dezani picked another green spell.

Satyr Wayfinder over Great Hart in the following pack.

Dezani then added Thassa's Rebuff rather than Culling Mark.

3 cards remaining, that got Dezani a Skyreaping.

Scouring Sands over Sunbond

After Pack 1

Dezani went over the contents of his deck quickly. It started with a lot of blue cards and he then went into green. So far, this decision had turned out perfectly fine, with a somewhat late Satyr Wayfinder helping him to fix his mana curve and plenty of versatile blue spells.

Booster 2

This time Dezani would be passing to the right. He saw Gods Willing, Artisan's Sorrow, a Lightning Strike, Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx and he now went for the red removal spell.

He then saw Defend the Hearth and Triton Fortune Hunter together with Read the Bones, Ephara's Warden, Peak Eruption and he chose Triton Fortune Hunter.

The following booster featured Lost in a Labyrinth, Traveling Philosopher, Pharika's Mender, Vulpine Goliath. Dezani picked the latter.

He then saw Nessian Courser and an Omenspeaker that quickly moved to the top and eventually got picked.

Akroan Hoplite, Fate Foretold, Insatiable Harpy were the options and Dezani moved into black with the Harpy again. Next to no blue cards in this pack.

The following booster featured another Omenspeaker together with a Peak Eruption, a Lost in a Labyrinth and Pheres-Band Centaurs. The second Omenspeaker made the cut.

Sedge Scorpion, Ill-Tempered Cyclops, Read the Bones and Gainsay moved to the top of Dezani's pack and he chose the Scorpion.

Dezani then added Agent of Horizons.

A Deathbellow Raider got added rather than Two-Headed Cerberus.

Ephara's Warden seemed not very tempting, so Dezani added Guardians of Meletis instead.

He then saw another Lost in a Labyrinth, but he opted against it and he added a multi-colored creature.

The last 3 packs featured another green, another blue and a black card, but nothing too fancy.

After Pack 2

Dezani seemed happy that he was able to add the 2 Omenspeaker to his deck. They would certainly help him set up his follow-up plays so his deck would be consistent enough to compete at this level. Apparently, his left hand side neighbor, Raphaël Lévy, had also moved into green and he combined it with white. Dezani would most likely see more playables in the last pack since it didn't seem like his right hand neighbor Christian Seibold had moved into either of his colors.

Booster 3

The last booster started with Nimbus Naiad and Prophet of Kruphix, which Dezani picked.

Voyaging Satyr, Nimbus Naiad, a lot of black and red cards and Dezani added the Voyaging Satyr. That was likely the better move since it would also cripple Levy a little.

Reaper of the Wilds, Nessian Asp, Coordinated Assault and plenty of black, with Dezani adding Nessian Asp.

11 cards remaining, among them Vulpine Goliath, a Triton Fortune Hunter, Lost in a Labyrinth and Felhide Minotaur. Dezani added the Fortune Hunter.

He then saw Mnemonic Wall, Nylea's Presence, Peak Eruption, and with 5 seconds remaining, he added Peak Eruption.

Griptide somewhat late seemed to make Dezani pretty happy, but in the last second, he picked Gainsay over it.

Cavalry Pegasus came round, a Savage Surge, Lost in a Labyrinth and 2 more blue cards and Dezani added the Savage Surge.

He then saw Stymied Hopes, Artisan's Sorrow and he picked the latter.

6 cards remaining, among them Lash of the Whip, but we missed the pick.

He then added a Sealock Monster.

4 cards, but nothing in Dezani's colors. He hate picked a black card.

He then saw Lost in a Labyrinth, but he picked a Felhide Minotaur over it, he received another blue card on the wheel before the last card that he didn't even look at concluded his draft.

After the Draft

Asked about how happy he was with the draft, Dezani commented that he was feeling quite OK with it. He guessed correctly that his fellow countryman Raphaël Lévy was sharing a color with him (green), but it didn't seem to affect his own draft too much.

He now would have to go up against Christian Seibold who had picked a red and white deck.