Ebony Treefolk

Posted in Arcana on December 19, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

Aside from Mistform Ultimus, before Lorwyn there was only one Treefolk of a color other than green:

Ebony Treefolk

Ebony Treefolk represents a treefolk from Urborg, comfortable getting its nourishment both from natural sources (such as streams) and unnatural ones (such as the blood of fallen Phyrexians). Ebony Treefolk can be seen batting aside a Phyrexian warrior in the art:

Ebony Treefolk Ebony Treefolk art by Matt Cavotta

Ebony is type of tree notable for its heavy, black heartwood. Ebony heartwood is so dense that it sinks in water (or, probably, in the blood of a Phyrexian).

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